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An Area Transformed from Industrial to Modern Residential with Great Access to the City Centre

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Beckton is a suburban East London district, part of the Newham Borough. Its industrial history, marked by the former Beckton Gasworks, is now left in the past as massive regeneration and redevelopment plans transform the area.

Up to the 19th century, Beckton was an area of unpopulated marshland. As London grew, the area was flooded with industrial infrastructure projects, and housing was built in the area to host workers for the gas and sewage projects. Beckton’s major recent transformation began in 1981 when it was included in the London Docklands Development Area, an ambitious project including 120,000 new jobs that contributed to a massive rise in interest for housing in Beckton. Students also became interested in the area after the University of East London opened up a campus here.

Beckton is steps away from London’s only Enterprise Zone — The Royal Docks. Enterprise Zones are areas that provide tax breaks and other economic incentives as part of a government industrial strategy to revive the UK’s economy. The project started in 2013 and covers an area of 125 hectares. It is projected to provide a total of 35,000 new jobs and 4,000 new homes. In June 2018 a £314m investment package was approved to further accelerate the regeneration of the Royal Docks.

Beckton is now a residential haven, with a housing stock made up of modern properties with a wide range of contemporary amenities. Beckton is a very accessible area, close to the City Centre and features many good transport links, shopping, and dining amenities, as well as ample and lush green spaces. It is a great place for property investment and offers great potential for profit.

About the Area – Beckton Guide

Once part of Essex, Beckton is now part of the London Borough of Newham. It is located in East London, only 8 miles from Charing Cross.

It used to be part of the parish of East Ham which became a county in 1914. It became part of the Borough of Newham and Greater London in 1965. Beckton’s history revolves around the Beckton Sewage Works and the Beckton Gas Works, the largest gasworks in Europe.

After the housing built for the Beckton Gas Works workers, numerous prefabricated houses were built in Beckton soon after the Second World War to provide homes for those left homeless. They were set up along streets named after renowned generals and war heroes, which were cleared during the redevelopment of North Beckton in the 1980s.

After Beckton was included in the London Docklands Development Corporation’s regeneration area, it was transformed from industrial to modern residential. It now comprises mainly new-builds and large shopping centres like Gallions Reach Shopping Park. Few Victorian terrace houses can also be found in the area.

Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton


  • Beckton
  • Cyprus
  • Beckton Park
  • Royal Albert

Transport for London bus services to:

  • Barking
  • Beckton Triangle Retail Park
  • Canning Town
  • Central London
  • Chadwell Heath
  • Dagenham
  • East Ham
  • Gallions Reach Shopping Park
  • Ilford
  • London City Airport


London Airport – 10 minutes by car

Beckton – Know the Area

There is no shortage of fun and leisure opportunities in Beckton. The area is filled with popular attractions and lots of green areas and places to do your shopping.

The favorite attractions of Beckton residents and also our Beckton estate agents are:


Emirates Air Line – a cable car link across the River Thames operated by Transport for London. It offers transport across the river and a unique view of London

The Docklands Equestrian Centre – a top-quality horse riding school where you can learn to ride and care for horses at affordable prices

Thames Barrier Park – this redeveloped riverside area offers visitors access to gardens, play areas, and football and basketball courts

Thames Barrier – a giant flood barrier, one of the largest in the world, complete with a visitor centre for tours and history

Lightship 93 – a fully restored lighthouse tower that sits on top of a scarlet ship, located near Royal Victoria Dock, that now serves as a photographic studio and shoot location

ExCeL London – this contemporary exhibition center hosts events from conferences, awards ceremonies, and sporting events

Royal Victoria Gardens – a lush riverside green area that offers a splash pool, playgrounds, pedestrian paths, and tennis courts

New Beckton Park – this metropolitan park comes complete with soccer and rugby pitches, tennis courts, play equipment, and a sandpit

Estate agents Beckton


Beckton is no longer an industrial area and its architecture is made up mainly of new-builds. The largest part of the housing stock in the area was built after 1980. In a few areas, there are still some remaining Victorian terrace houses, but not many.


Beckton is very close to the East Ham nature reserve and also hosts many lush parks of its own. Beckton District Park and New Beckton Park are the largest. There is also a city farm in Beckton – the Newham City Farm, that hosts various farm animals and picnic areas.

Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton


Beckton hosts 15,141 residents according to the 2011 Census. The population here is ethnically diverse, with many students, young singles, and young families.


Beckton features several shopping centres, the largest of them being Gallions Reach Shopping Park. It has over 40 shops and restaurants and a popular destination for residents.

Estate agents Beckton

Barking Property Prices 

Beckton is very affordable for first-time buyers and very attractive to buy-to-let investors as it offers good returns on investment. The rental market is also very active, as interest in the area has peaked following major regeneration plans. Beckton estate agents recommend the area for its good investment potential and modern housing stock.

Here are the average property prices you can expect to find in the Beckton area:

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Average Weekly Rental Prices

  • 1 bedroom property
  • 2 bedroom property
  • 3 bedroom property:
  • 4 bedroom property
  • Studio
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Average Sale Prices

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  • 3 bedroom property:
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New Developments in the Area

Beckton’s housing stock is made up of homes built after the 1980s when the area began its regeneration and transformation from industrial to residential centre. Most residential properties in the area are modern. Here is a shortlist of new developments in the Beckton area:

  • Beckton Parkside – this project built on a former industrial estate has 391 apartments with great views, a park with sports facilities, play areas, and a new woodland walk. Prices start at £272,500
  • East Ham Industrial Estate – demolition is underway for the redevelopment of the site that will provide 411 residential units and 600 sqm of commercial floor space in buildings ranging from 2 to 13 storeys
  • Gallions Quarter – 800 residential units and up to 2641sqm of commercial space, including pedestrian and cycle routes and crossings and car parking
  • Royal Albert Wharf – a 1,500-home project with 100,000 sq ft of workspace, artists’ studios, a café, and a community centre. One-bedroom flats start from £350,000
  • Royal Wharf – located on the south side of the docks, the project will deliver 3,385 homes with 40 acres of green space. It features a riverside promenade, outdoor gym, cycle paths, Royal Wharf Pier – London’s longest riverboat terminal, a nursery and primary school, a community centre, and a library.

Schools in Beckton

Beckton offers residents a good choice of schools. Here is a shortlist of the schools you will find in Beckton:

  • North Beckton Primary School
  • Kingsford Community School Specialist Language College
  • Gallions Primary School
  • Praca Na Beckton
  • Ellen Wilkinson Primary School
  • Winsor Primary School
  • John F Kennedy School
  • Plashet School
  • The Royal Docks Academy
  • Tamba Day Nursery Beckton
  • George Carey Church of England Primary School  
  • Eastbury Community School  
  • St Margaret’s C of E Primary School  
  • Becontree Primary School  
  • Barking Abbey School  
  • Warren Junior School  
  • William Bellamy Primary School
  • Greatfields School  
  • Furze Infant School  


Residents have good choices when it comes to medical facilities in Beckton. Here is a shortlist of medical care facilities you can find in the area:

Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
  • The Summit Medical Practice
  • East Ham Memorial Building 300b, Shrewsbury Road, London, E78QP
  • +442085522299
Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
Estate agents Beckton
  • London Hyperbaric Chamber Within Whipps Cross Hospital
  • Whipps Cross Rd, London, E111RG
  • +442085391222
Estate agents Beckton

Types of Properties in Beckton

The Beckton housing scene began in 1870 when homes were built in the area for the Gas, Light and Coke Company. That is actually how Beckton got its name – after the 400-acre site was named after the company’s governor, Simon Adams Beck.

After the Second World War, prefabs were built in Beckton for those left homeless after the war. No such homes exist today and only a few Victoria style homes can still be found here.

Beckton’s housing stock currently includes homes built after 1980 and many new, modern flats and houses built in recent years in large and medium-sized residential developments part of the area’s regeneration schemes.

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

Why Buying a Property in Beckton is a Good Investment

Beckton is located minutes away from the Royal Docks, an area that stands to benefit from massive investments in the coming years. Plans for £8 billion development projects are underway in this 1,200-acre area. It is set to become London’s second city centre soon.

With the recent influx of new jobs, new residential developments, planned projects for new sporting facilities, and a shipyard, the area is bound to set new standards for all of East London and revive its economy and community. Securing a home in Beckton now can still guarantee major returns on investment for first-time buyers and investors alike.

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

BecktonEstate Agent Secrets

Apart from the obvious reasons why buying a property in Beckton is a good idea, our Beckton estate agents also know of a few more. The area’s regeneration plans will not only revive the economy and the housing market, but they will also bring with them even more accessible transport.

Plans include six new DLR stations and a Crossrailconnection. NLA’s Peter Murray said he expects the next decade to make the Royal Docks “one of the most connected places in London”. The six new DLR stations will have 43 new trains running on the new tracks. The new Crossrail will link Custom House to Liverpool Street in 10 minutes and to Tottenham Court Road in 15.

Property prices are bound to continue to rise over the next 5 years so to profit from the great value for money Beckton still offers, investors will have to act quickly. Once these plans are set in motion, Beckton will no longer be the affordable property market it is today.

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

What Beckton Residents Say About the Area

Becktonresidents describe the area as ethnically diverse, with a young population attracted by the proximity to Canary Wharf. Many properties here are available through social schemes. It hosts many local businesses and shops, as well as large shopping chains.

Beckton is a safe neighborhood with a quiet nightlife scene. It is neat and quiet and offers great pubs and restaurants, as well as good transport links.

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