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Guaranteed Rent Main Features

We are the specialists helping London landlords break free from the stress and worries of letting their properties by offering them:

Guaranteed Rent Main Features
guranted rent scheme

Are you a first-time landlord or an investor with buy-to-let properties in London? Never heard of or wondering what exactly a Guaranteed Rent Scheme is? 

You don’t have to worry. We will break it down for you and let you in on its main features and benefits. Then, you can make an informed decision on whether or not guaranteed rent is the right solution for you.

If your answer to this question is yes and you want all of the benefits listed below, our London RE/MAX Star team is ready to offer you a free valuation for your property.

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Your rent income is guaranteed - Estate Agetns Canning Town

Your rent income is guaranteed

You won’t have to worry about vacancies or rent arrears anymore. In other words, the agreed rent is paid each month, no matter if the property is let or if the occupying tenants have trouble paying or refuse to.

Constant income even in uncertain times - Estate Agents Canning Town

Constant income even in uncertain times

The financial or economic climate will no longer impact your income or your ROI. We have the soundest guaranteed rent schemes London has to offer. You get paid no matter what.

Fixed rent payment date - Estate Agents Canning Town

Fixed rent payment date

Your rent is paid on the same date of every month without fail. So, you are free to rely on this rental income to finance any of your other ventures.

Your investment is secured

Your investment is secured

Your investments depend on yield value and profit margins. The secured, constant income you receive through a guaranteed rent scheme makes your investments more reliable.

Your property is returned to you in its initial state

Your property is returned to you in its initial state

Once the rental contract period is over, you will receive your property back in its original state. We handle all renovation and repair costs.

You no longer have to worry about management

You no longer have to worry about management

No more chasing new tenants when your property is vacant. No more answering queries and satisfying tenant demands.

No more maintenance concerns

No more maintenance concerns

We perform regular property inspections and handle all regular checks and tenant repair requests. Therefore, all you have to do is cash in the guaranteed rent.

No more tenant screening

No more tenant screening

All the tenants occupying your property will go through thorough background and credit checks. So, no need for you to worry about any damages or improper use.

No additional costs of any kind

No additional costs of any kind

No commission, no hidden costs. No gas, EPC & Electrical certificate costs. No legal fees for eviction or debt recovery.

We have spent many years building our experience in property management and letting. That’s how we’ve managed to become one of the top estate agencies and Guaranteed Rent specialists in London. Over these years and based on our extensive experience, we have put together comprehensive services packages that landlords and tenants alike can benefit from.

For landlords who are interested in benefitting from a guaranteed rent scheme, our process involves 5 easy steps. This ensures minimum hassle and less stress. Every one of the scheme’s aspects is arranged in your favour.

Here is how our process works:

Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme Process

It’s the easiest, best stress and hassle-free solution for first-time and buy-to-let landlords looking for more free time and peace of mind!

How Does Guaranteed Rent London Work?

To understand how our Guaranteed Rent scheme works, we first need to talk about the landlord issues it solves.

Landlords need to deal with a lot of hassle when they are letting out their properties. They need to take into account the financial climate and the potential losses of income when their property is vacant or rent is not paid on time. Their income predictions are often ruined when they realize that many factors affect their ability to collect a steady 12-month income over a year.

They also need to chase tenants to occupy their properties and then chase them again for on-time rent payments. This is a very time-consuming endeavour. Many landlords cannot afford to spend so much of their time dealing with the hassle of finding tenants and recovering debts. They need their investment to be secure and steady.

Viewings, tenant screenings, handling tenant complaints and demands. Being a landlord is sometimes a lot of work. Many times landlords also have other jobs or other businesses. The stress attached to all these queries can sometimes be too much.

Guaranteed Rent means we become your ideal tenant. A professional tenant that pays on time, every time. And every month, without fail. One that has no queries or complaints. In addition, we free you of any repair costs and return your property to you in its original state when the contract ends.

Choosing the flexible guaranteed rent scheme we offer will give you peace of mind both as far as the ROI on your investment and the security of your property are concerned.

Our guaranteed rent scheme options live up to our RE/MAX Star team’s reputation and deliver easy and complete solutions to landlords. We handle everything relating to letting your property throughout the duration of the guaranteed rent contract so you don’t have to. No more hassle, no more stress, and wasted time. And most importantly no more midnight calls!

With guaranteed rent, the only thing you have to do as a landlord is choose a professional agency, agree on the value of the monthly rent, the contract duration, and the date when the money will be regularly transferred. We take on every other stress-generating property management aspects for you.

How Can Guaranteed Rent Unburden Landlords

If you are still wondering if the guaranteed rent scheme is the best option for you as a landlord and you want to know what it would look like for you and your property, here are some of the main benefits of choosing RE/MAX Star as your guaranteed rent London specialists:

Benefits of Choosing RE/MAX Star Guaranteed Rent Experts for Your Property

Letting Manager - Estate Agents Canning Town

Letting Manager

When you choose the guaranteed rent scheme, you get the ideal tenant you’ve been dreaming of. You will no longer have to deal with any viewings, screening processes, queries, demands. We cover everything and handle all tenant complaints or requests.

The Benefit of Experience

The Benefit of Experience

Having managed thousands of properties and guaranteed rent contracts, our experience in the field is unmatched. Choosing a professional partner to manage your property means you will never have to worry about any oversights, disputes, or inaccuracies that may hurt you or your investment.

High Standards

High Standards

We work hard to ensure all the services we deliver to our clients and partners follow the best industry and practice standards in the market. You can rest assured that all your properties are handled by professionals and according to all the applicable rules and regulations.

100% Guarantee - Estate Agents Canning Town

100% Guarantee

You receive a steady income no matter if your property is vacant or occupied. You will no longer have to worry about losing money when your property is not let. Receive payment every month, on the same date, no delays.

Zero Costs - Estate Agents Canning Town

Zero Costs

You won’t have any worries about additional expenditures. The guaranteed rent scheme has no commission, no hidden costs. You are also free of all repair costs and legal costs relating to eviction or rent arrears.

Maximun ROI - Estate Agents Canning Town

Maximum ROI

A guaranteed, reliable income ensures your profit margins are met no matter what the economic climate is like. You are able to depend on a steady cash flow to finance your mortgage or other ventures.

Doubts or Questions?

Here are the answers to FAQs about Guaranteed Rent London

If you have any remaining questions or reservations about the Guaranteed Rent solutions our RE/MAX Star specialists offer to our clients, read the answers below to clarify any hesitations:

  • GUARANTEED RENT INSURANCE: Landlords sometimes choose to enter into guaranteed rent insurance policies to cover potential late payments from tenants. However, these policies only cover late payments, and give landlords no benefits in case of vacancy periods. Plus, it usually takes a long time for payment claims to be processed and resolved.
  • COUNCIL-BACKED GUARANTEED RENT: Landlords also have the option of renting out their property to the Council. However, Council-backed guaranteed rent offers landlords monthly rent payments that are far from market value. Plus, landlords have little say in who the tenants are and there is often a lot of red tape and bureaucracy involved.
  • GUARANTEED RENT SCHEMES: The Guaranteed Rent Scheme is more profitable for landlords. If the letting agency you choose is dynamic and dedicated, your property can be let out at a fair market price, higher than Council-backed rates. We at RE/MAX Star have a proven history of working with multinational corporations, banks and the NHS. We have the expertise and confidence needed to get you the best rent value for your property. In addition, a guaranteed rent scheme also covers vacancy periods, unlike the insurance version. You get paid no matter if the property is occupied and you are free of any worries about property administration or repairs.

With the Guaranteed Rent Scheme, what you see is what you get. You get a fixed monthly income and pay no monthly commission or no set-up fees. You will also not have any worries about repair and renovation costs.

We accept different types of properties ranging from 1 to 5-bed homes to HMO properties. Here is a brief overview of the Guaranteed Rent qualification requirements for a property:

  • The property should maintain decent standards in terms of its décor. If refurbishment is needed, we can also handle obtaining quotes for the required works.
  • A fixed and functioning smoke alarm. If the house has a hallway connection, two alarms are required.
  • A CO2 detector installed within ten meters of the boiler.
  • A heat detector wired with the kitchen mains.
  • A fire door needs to be present in the kitchen and fit with a self-closer.
  • Availability of basic appliances and utilities within the property.

Our Guaranteed Rent Agreements are automatically renewed once their initial duration ends. You won’t have to worry about wasting any of your time going over the initial process once more.

Our RE/MAX Star Guaranteed Rent Scheme is the perfect solution if you are a landlord who doesn’t want the trouble of having any additional costs with property repairs and maintenance. We have teams of professionals who do regular property inspections and handle all the maintenance relating to your property.

Depending on what your investment and income goals are for your property, we offer flexible solutions for landlords. Our Guaranteed Rent scheme contract durations range from 1 year to 5 years. So, you can choose the option that is best for you.

Landlords enter into Traditional Management Agreements to transfer the management of their property to a third party. The commission that is typically charged for such agreements ranges between 8 and 10 %. In addition, the landlord does not receive any rent if the property is vacant.

With Guaranteed Rent, we effectively become your tenant. We sub-let the property, selecting only the most qualified tenants and we fully manage the property throughout the duration of the tenancy. We handle all tenant questions and demands and take care of any repair and renovation costs, freeing up your time so you can get on with your busy life. You are guaranteed a fixed rental income each month no matter if the property is not let and have no additional costs.

There are a few legislative and regulatory changes that have given rise to the recent popularity of Guaranteed Rent Schemes for property owners. In April 2016 there was a rise of stamp duty on second properties to 3% and the loss of Wear & Tear Allowance. In January 2017 the affordability stress test for Buy-To-Let mortgages rises to 5.5%. In November 2017, the Bank of England raises interest rates for the first time in 10 years from 0.25% to 0.5%. And finally, the mortgage interest rate relief for BLT is scrapped by April 2020 through Section 24.

Due to these changes, the yield value and margin of error for landlord has become very slim. Investors and landlords don’t want to lose on their rent income and see their profit margins disappear. For this reason, Guaranteed Rent Schemes have become a popular solution to help landlords retain a hassle-free guaranteed monthly income by letting their properties to professional tenants.

The Guaranteed Rent Scheme is ideal for landlords who don’t want any of the hassle and stress of having to deal with tenant’s queries, questions and complaints. Our services include full management of the property and we handle all the tenant screening and the entire relationship with the tenants. Plus, you get a dedicated property manager as your first point of call. Once you sign up for our service, they will contact you for an introductory meeting and, after that, they will provide you with regular updates and share any reports on the tasks we carry out (e.g. property inspections).

There are a few major differences between a Guaranteed Rent Scheme vs a Guaranteed Rent Insurance Policy. The insurance pays the landlord if the rent is not paid on time by the tenant, under certain conditions. The Guaranteed Rent scheme means you, as a landlord, sign an agreement with a third party tenant that manages the property and the sub-letting process with all its related issues. The tenant pays the landlord a fixed fee each month for the agreed period and handles all demands and queries.

With Guaranteed Rent, you no longer have to worry about any uncertainties regarding your rent income. You can rely on a steady, consistent income to pay your mortgage or finance your other ventures. Plus, you are free of all the stress of managing tenants.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of real estate and are one of the top experts in Guaranteed Rent London has to offer. We deliver fast, quantifiable results and follow the highest industry and practice standards to ensure your peace of mind.

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