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Each year, our agents help hundreds of thousands of families buy or sell a house

Each year,
our agents help hundreds
of thousands of families
buy or sell a house

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Selling your property will not be a herculean task when you have Remax Star by your side. We will guide you in every step of the process so that you can just sit back and relax while we take care of all the details.

Why us?

There are a different reasons why you should select us when you are planning to sell your property. Let us give you an overview of all the details.

We Have a Customized Approach

Every property sale is different and because of which we take a customized approach to property sale. Our goal is to assist in selling your property in the best possible way.

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We Provide a Range of Services

We have set up different departments to provide a range of services which include:

  • IT department which helps in upload of property details on the portal.
  • Marketing department which ensures each and every property is presented in the best possible manner.
  • Compliance department ensures that the property gets sold in right manner.

What we do to market your property?

Marketing a property is important and we take several steps to make sure your property gets the right
exposure. Few of the things we do in this regard include:

  • Effective window displays that are capable of drawing attention of prospective buyers.
  • Direct contact by email and phone with registered buyers to get feedback and for viewing.
  • Email alerts to buyers who have registered on the site and property they are searching for matches your property details.
  • We create customized brochures that contain details like dimensions and floor plans along with professional photography.
  • Direct contact by email and phone with registered buyers to get feedback and for viewing.
  • We also advertise your property in select publications.

It is worth mentioning here that if a property is to be marketed for sale then it must have EPC or Energy Performance Certificate. EPC provides details about property’s energy efficiency. We can take required steps to arrange this certificate on your behalf.

We Provide Guidance on Property Viewing

At the time of viewing, the first impression plays an important role. We can provide you useful tips on how to prepare your home for viewing so that it provides the best impression to prospective buyers.  As such, few of the aspects you need to focus on would consist of:

Kerb Appeal: The first thing buyers will see would be the outside section of your home and as such, improving kerb appeal of your property will be an important aspect to look into. As such, you need to ensure that there are clear paths, clean windows, and a well maintained front.
Inside the House: The aim should be to make prospective buyer feel at home while he or she is viewing the property. Thus, you need to ensure that there is comfortable temperature within the house, it is free of clutter and is spotlessly clean. You may well keep the lights on to make the room look more spacious as well as brighten them.

We also try to accompany you on all viewings. Our sales experts have the expertise to identify as well as highlight special features of your property that a buyer will be interested in.

An Offer on Property

As soon as an offer is secured for the property, we will be:

  • Providing all the details about the offer in writing and information about the interested buyer.
  • We will also take necessary steps to verify financial position of the buyer by checking required evidence for the same.
  • Our aim will be to negotiate with the buyer to get the best offer for you.
  • We will also recommend what you should do next and also provide unbiased comparison in case your property receives multiple offers.
  • Providing professional advice on best available offer.

Few of the other things to be examined when your property receives an offer would include analysis of financial stability of buyer, buyer’s desired timescale, and if buyer has placed any type of condition on his or her offer.

Acceptance of Offer 
If you like a certain offer and accept it then it wil be necessary to instruct a conveyancer. Conveyancer’s job will be to send a draft contract to buyer's conveyancer. This contract will explain details of the sale like selling price of the property.
Conveyancer fixed by buyer will be raising queries regarding the contract and it will be your responsibility to answer them.
We will liaison with solicitors as well as the buyer all throughout the process and keep you posted on  what is happening.

Moving Day

We will ensure that everything takes place on moving day just as it has been planned and your conveyancer receives the outstanding money from lender. After the process completes you will have to hand over the keys to complete the process of sale of your property. If you are looking to sell your property then get in touch to have the assurance that you will receive high-class professional services and receive best offers on your property. Call us today!

Nowadays, most of the estate agents try to offer something unique as part of their services to sell your house. Often times, it is in the form of accompanied viewing, free valuation, or floor plans.
But at Remax Star, we believe that a lot more is required when you want to achieve a successful sale.

Our Customized Approach

We fully understand that two sales are never the same and which is why we have a customization approach while dealing with all our customers.
Our primary goal is to assist you in selling your property and believe that the sales service we provide will be flexible enough for you.

Our Well-spread Network

We have several offices across the country and a team of local experts who have excellent knowledge of present market conditions. Since, all the offices are owned by our local directors, they are fully motivated to help you get the best sale.
Moreover, we have a centralized hub consisting of specialized departments that all our offices can access and take advantage from. These departments include:

  • IT Department: Helps with creation and instant online upload of property details.
  • Marketing Department: This department ensures that each and every property is presented according to our highest professional standard.
  • Compliance Department: The department ensure that the property will be sold properly.
  • Buy-to-let Department: Specialist in this department are always present to support investors.

Value of Right Communication

Communication is very important in complex transactions such as sale of property and as such we ensure that our customers are always kept in the loop while the process is carried out. We can easily provide you with an update at every stage of the process so that you know what is happening.

A Brand that Our Customers Easily Recognize

With an extensive network of experts to boast of, Remax Star does stand out from rest of the crowd.

  • We carry out national TV advertising.
  • We offer distinctive For Sale boards.
  • We have high street offices open for prospective sellers and buyers to visit.
  • Our web site gets thousands of visitor traffic on a monthly basis.

We Help Your Property Get Maximum Exposure

By utilizing our services you will have the assurance that your property will get required exposure to focused audience base on different platforms, ranging from offline to online, print and digital.

Online Exposure

We have designed our website in such a way that it makes it easy for prospective buyers to easily locate your property. Some of the features of our site include:

  • Property details that load almost instantly.
  • Thousands of visitors visit our site per month.
  • A lot of followers of social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter).
  • Every visitor coming to our site visits several pages during his or stay on the site.

Apart from listing your property on our site, we will be advertising the same on various property sites.

Offline Exposure

  • We provide prominent window displays in our high street offices.
  • We provide newspaper advertising.
  • We create eye-catching For Sale boards.
  • We send SMS and email alerts to our user base.

A Firm with Integrity

Remax Star operates according to a stringent code of practice. Moreover, we have also been proud voluntary members of different industry boards and bodies for several years.
Additionally, all the offices in different locations work in sync with our company’s compliance department and adhere to professional standards as laid out by professional bodies. This helps to make sure that we carry out our work in a legally compliant and professional manner.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We have received industry recognition for providing superior customer service and our customers have selected us for various awards.

In the following sections let us answer some common vendor faqs.

How to make the property a lot more appealing?

After taking the final decision to sell the property, spending time, effort, and money on decorating the same will not be what you would like to do. But, by making a small investment on decorating your home you will be able to earn higher returns.
Most of the buyers want to visualize how their lifestyle and belongings will look and fit into the new property. As such, by providing a blank canvas you will be able to help prospective buyers get a clear idea about whether they want to purchase the property or not.
We can guide you as well as assist you in presenting your home in such a way that it appeals to most of the buyers and chances of selling the property for the best price increase manifold.

Let us look at few of the things you should do to prepare your property for viewings.

Most of the properties need to have the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in case, the property is to be marketed for selling it.
This certificate contains details about energy usage by the property, usual energy cost, and recommendation on ways energy usage can be reduced for saving money.
Rating provided by EPC ranges from G to A with G being least efficient and A being most efficient. Our experts can suggest whether you will require EPC and can also work to get one created for you. Lastly, this certificate is valid for ten years from the date it is created.

It is better to let an estate agent perform this duty of showing the property to prospective buyers.  Our estate agents already have a clear understanding of requirements buyers have and as such we are able to highlight unique aspects about your property that will make buyers interested. Moreover, it is likely that prospective buyers will be more inclined to provide honest feedback to an
estate agent rather than to owner of the property.

It is likely that a buyer feel a lot more relaxed when owner is not present. Additionally, if there are less number of people around in the house, it will help to make the house look more spacious.

However, during second viewings the owner should be present to answer more involved questions that an estate agent might not be able to answer like owner’s relationship with neighbors and expenditure on utilities that are to be made.

No, you as well as the other party can withdraw prior to exchange of contracts.

Usually, it takes about twelve weeks to complete the sale. However, there are different factors which can have an effect over total time it takes for completion of the sale. If there are several people involved in the sale then it can take longer. For example, if someone is going to sell his or her property and then only be able to purchase a new one then purchase will get
delayed if the person is not able to find the right buyer for his or her property.
Another factor would be the type of conveyancer for parties select. In case, it is an unresponsive or slow conveyancer then it will negatively effect the entire process.

We would be able to recommend experienced conveyancers to make sure the whole process works out in a smooth fashion.
Additionally, if property survey results in inquiries or if the buyer is relying on a mortgage to purchase the property then also the sale can get delayed.

Exchange of contracts takes place when everyone involved is satisfied that the transaction is in order.
At this point, completion date is agreed upon by both parties and the contract is signed. It is also the time when deposit amount which is about ten percent of the purchase price is paid by the buyer and after that the sale is legally binding.

Completion refers to the moving day wherein outstanding amount is transferred to solicitor.
The solicitor in turn deducts necessary fees, redeems outstanding mortgage, and transfers the balance amount. At this juncture, you will have to vacate the property and give the keys to new owner’s estate agent.

In case, it is the main home then you will not have to pay any tax if you are able to satisfy given requirements. However, you should contact our local office to get more information about the same.

It will be necessary for the buyer to make payment of stamp duty.

What Our Customers Says….

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