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Guaranteed Rent

Real Estate Agents in London

Do you have to chase your tenants for rent?

Real Estate Agents in London

Do your tenants pay rent same day every month?

Property Buyers Estate Agents in London

Are you paying high Fee to your estate agents?

REMAX is one stop solution for all your worries.

RE/Max Guaranteed Rent scheme offers :

1. A Guaranteed Rent in your Bank Account every month

2. RE/MAX pays rent even if
– Tenants pay late
– Don’t pay at all
– Property is empty

3. And there is “NO Management Fee” and  “No Set Up Cost”

Why you call REMAX?

If you are looking for peace of mind and do not want to go through the tedious procedures to rent your property, just get in touch with us.

Your job is not done even after letting the property, you must deal with tenants as well as take care of maintenance worries. We can take over all these headaches and assured for timely rent payments so you don’t have to worry about property anymore.

What makes us special?

A real special thing about our Guaranteed Rent Scheme is, no commission or set up fees at all. So, how do we make money?

In simple terms, the rent we pay you is slightly less than the prevalent market rent.
We have a team of professionals who are very efficient and expert in managing property portfolios. Our team uses top notch systems to stay ahead. We can offer good deals because we deal in volumes. It’s win-win for landlords and RE/MAX.

What Our Landlords Say About Us

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Real Estate Agents in London


What our Landlords says About Guaranteed Rent With RE/MAX

  • Proven Success
  • Advanced Technology
  • Global Presence
  • Brand Recognition

Extend Your Reach With GLOBAL  CONNECTIONS.  Today’s  real  estate  is  global,  and  referrals  flow  seamlessly  between  RE/MAX  agents,  with  no middleman or corporate interference. You can also tap into specialised tools, resources and education for residential real estate

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