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If you are looking to invest or move into a coveted new neighbourhood, Canary Wharf should be at the top of your list. This area ticks all the boxes for investment potential, as well as living conditions. And our Canary Wharf Estate Agents know all the ropes about it.

In 30 years, Canary Wharf has seen a tremendous transformation. From an initial industrial wasteland, Canary Wharf has developed into one of the world’s major financial centres. It’s the place many top banks and big businesses call home, and also referred to as UK’s Manhattan.

Canary Wharf has recently begun its shift toward becoming residential heaven. What was once an area bustling with people only during business days and hours is slowly turning into a lively neighbourhood, with new residential developments and a growing cultural and social scene.

About the Area

Canary Wharf is located on the Isle of Dogs, in the East London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The River Thames borders it to the east, south, and west. It is easily accessible by tube on the Jubilee Line. The area is also served by the DLR, regular bus and river bus services and it is in close proximity to London City Airport.

A very high percentage of Canary Wharf residents are employed in the financial and technology sectors and earn very high-ranking wages. The area is dominated by new properties, developed after the 1981 regeneration. Its developments particularly aim to attract young executives who are happy to live in an area that allows them to walk to work.

Easy access, breath-taking views, and world-class amenities are just a few of the perks of Canary Wharf. 

Estate Agents Canary wharf
Estate Agents Canary wharf

DLR Stations

  • Poplar
  • West India Quay 
  • Canary Wharf
  • Heron Quays
  • South Quay
  • Crossharbour




The Canary Wharf Tower – The One Canada Square building dominates the skyline at a height of 235m 

The Museum of London Docklands – Collections representing London’s history from the Roman settlement era to today 

Billingsgate Market – The UK’s largest wholesale fish market, with 25,000 tonnes of fish sold per year

Canada Park Square – The green area with plenty of restaurants and pop-up bars

Cabot Square – Great family space with a central fountain and pop-up cafes and restaurants 

Westferry Circus – Beautifully planted walled garden in the centre of the eponymous roundabout

Jubilee Park – A great place to explore, filled with greenery and water features

Riverwalk – Allows you to discover the Thames exploring its banks

King Edward Memorial Park – 3.3 hectares, the 11th largest park in Tower Hamlets

Estate Agents Canary wharf


Property in Canary Wharf consists mainly of contemporary apartments and impressive penthouses in glass-fronted buildings, riverside developments with breath-taking views built after 1980. The area also offers modern townhouses and a few surviving Victorian terraced houses. A few Edwardian cottage estate type houses and former council flats are available, too.


Beautiful greenery, vibrant attractions and surprising activities are available in Canary Wharf. Try active sports in Millwall Park or King Edward Memorial Park, visit Sir John McDougal Gardens, Greenwich Park with its Prime Meridian Line and Royal Observatory, and newly refurbished Victoria Park.

Estate Agents Canary wharf
Estate Agents Canary wharf


With a working population of around 120,000, Canary Wharf is one of the fastest-growing areas in London. The population of Tower Hamlets borough is projected to increase by around 66,700 residents over the next decade, twice as fast as London. The borough’s population has the 4th youngest median age in the UK, at 31.0, and nearly half of its population is aged 20-39. Canary Wharf is now home to an estimated 80,000 residents.

Average Property Prices

Canary Wharf offers a large array of properties available for various investment opportunities like buying and letting. We have put together some reference prices to help give you a better understanding of real estate opportunities in the area.

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Average Weekly Rental Prices

  • 1 bedroom property
  • 2 bedroom property
  • 3 bedroom property:
  • 4 bedroom property
  • Studio
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Average Sale Prices

  • 1 bedroom property
  • 2 bedroom property
  • 3 bedroom property:
  • 4 bedroom property

New Developments in the Area

Boroughs in East London have seen the most dramatic increase in house prices since 2014, due to constant and intense renewal projects. One of the main reasons for this growth is Canary Wharf’s continuous success story.

Here are some of the most noteworthy of the latest developments: 

10 Park Drive – a new high-end residential building featuring 345 apartments 

South Quay Plaza – twin residential towers with a mix of homes and a large array of amenities and London’s highest bar sitting 56 storeys above ground 

One Park Drive – 468 apartments in a single harmonious building, with 58 storeys made up of three typologies, each with its own distinct characteristics 

Dollar Bay – 115 studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with magnificent water views of the South Dock and River Thames

The Landmark Pinnacle – 75-storey tower featuring 752 residential properties with two smaller buildings of 45 and 30 floors to be added in the future 

Schools in Canary Wharf

Good education facilities are an important advantage of an area and one of the first items factored in by potential new residents. Canary Wharf offers plenty of options for every age group. 

Here is a list of the education facilities available on the Isle of Dogs:

  • Arnhem Wharf Primary
  • Harbinger Primary
  • River House Montessori Pre-School & Primary
  • St Edmunds Primary
  • Cubitt Town Infants’ School
  • Cubitt Town Junior School
  • George Green’s Secondary School
  • Canary Wharf College Primary & Secondary


Medical facilities in Canary Wharf are easily accessible and have good reviews. They provide treatment and medical advice for common and specialized conditions. 

We have compiled a shortlist of the most popular medical care centres in Canary Wharf:

Estate Agents Canary wharf
  • BMI The London Independent Hospital
  • 1 Beaumont Square, Stepney Green, LondonE14NL
  • +442077802400
Estate Agents Canning Town
Estate Agents Canning Town
Selling A House - Property Agents
Estate Agents Canning Town
Estate Agents Canning Town

How our Canary Wharf estate agents can help you buy or sell a property

Buying or selling a property is an elaborate financial transaction. You need a reliable partner to navigate the facts and fine points. Our Canary Wharf estate agents act as your trustee and provide the required attention to detail.

If you are looking to sell a property, local market knowledge and insight is key to a profitable transaction. This is how our Canary Wharf estate agents shorten the time it takes to secure it. Through cutting-edge technology and networking, we also guarantee an increased reach for your listing, handle calls and schedule showings. That means less stress and more profit.

Our Canary Wharf estate agents also provide you options for premium marketing plans and monitoring your transaction online and in real-time.

If you are looking to buy a property, our Canary Wharf estate agents ease the search and negotiation processes and reach a swift and successful closing. Sales history, property records, area demographics are analysed to secure the best options. Relevant and accurate information drives a successful pricing strategy. Our Canary Wharf estate agents also help you navigate through paperwork and state requirements. Avoiding mistakes and omissions saves time and money.Your offer is secured faster and at the fairest price.

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How our Canary Wharfestate agents can help you rent a property

With so many options available, renting a house can be complicated. With specialized local market knowledge and insight, our Canary Wharf estate agents are the reliable partner you need to navigate them.

Cut through the hassle of analysing and narrowing down rental options. Save time and money on your move to a new place. Once you decideon your specific needs and wants, our Canary Wharf estate agents filter all the information to provide the best possible options in the shortest amount of time. Your budget and standards will be met every time.

Choosing a landlord is just as important as choosing the property. And understanding the legal framework to make sure your rights are protected is also paramount. The Canary Wharf estate agents bring their professional experience and market insight to the negotiations table to swiftly close the transaction. Higher standards, better conditions, improved terms and lower prices are secured for your benefit.

Don’t waste precious time setting up house viewings and analysing property records. Our Canary Wharf estate agents ensure all the proper paperwork and formalities are taken care of so you can make an informed decision. All you will need to do is move in.

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How our Canary Wharfestate agents can help landlords let their property

Landlords spend a lot of time and effort into letting their property. It can be a daunting task. Our Canary Wharf estate agents can handle all the stress and hard work so you don’t have to.

Vacancy periods and income loss for landlords can be averted. The Canary Wharf estate agents put specialized marketing strategies to work to find you suitable renters in the shortest amount of time. Your property’s visibility and reach are increased to drive up the number of potential renters.

Our Canary Wharf estate agents handle all communications with potential tenants and manage property-showing appointments. They also provide insight and recommendations to ensure that the rental property is properly showcased and assess potential tenants to choose the most suitable ones.

Estate agents manage all paperwork and formalities relating to letting the property, such as local regulations and lease agreements to ensure all rights and obligations are met. Through regularly monitoring and assessing the local market,our Canary Wharf estate agents also provide guidance for choosing tenants, property pricing and upkeep.

Extensive experience, reliability and responsiveness are only a few reasons why a partnership with our Canary Wharf estate agents the right choice for practical and judicious landlords.

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Average Price

The average sold price in Canary Wharf has
increased 2.50% over the last 1 year

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