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This Lettable Standard establishes a consistent and high standard for properties that we rent to tenants. All our staff and partners, who are responsible for keeping the properties we manage in good and proper condition, adhere to this Lettable Standard and consult it as their point of reference. We do want to ensure that the high quality of the properties under our care is well preserved and that they are managed in accordance with all relevant legislation, regulatory standards, and good practices.


The key objectives of this Lettable Standard are:

  • To ensure that the property is clean, presentable, safe and secure.
  • To ensure that we will always be able to provide high-quality housing offers to prospective tenants and sub-tenants, that are both competitive and attractive in the current housing market.
  • To ensure that the property is always ready for re-letting in the shortest possible time.

Where any work is to be done on the property after a tenant has moved in, the nature of the work to be done and the schedule to be followed shall be given to the tenant before the commencement of the tenancy.


In this Lettable Standard, the following terms shall have the meaning under this heading

  • CAPPED OFF: The main gas supply pipe to the meter has a disk put in it to stop the gas from being used.
  • CISTERN: a small tank used to store water for toilet flushing.
  • GAS SAFE: Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for Great Britain (GB) and the Isle of Man, appointed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for Great Britain and HSWI for the Isle of Man. Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI as the gas registration body in GB on 1st April 2009. Make sure that any engineer you employ to check or fix gas is Gas Safe registered.
  • GLAZING: Glass in a frame such as a window or a door.
  • NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting): NICEIC is the electrical contracting industries’ independent voluntary regulatory body for electrical installation safety matters. We recommend that any engineer you employ is NICEIC registered.
  • POINTING AND RENDER: Pointing is the area between the bricks. Render is the cement or plaster used to cover the bricks.


  1. ELECTRIC CHECKS: Wiring, fuse-board, sockets, switches and light fittings will be in working order. All electrical fittings will be tested to comply with the current safety regulations of the NICEIC. We will obtain a currently valid certificate from the Landlord when the property is procured and provide them upon request. Valid electrical certificates will be obtained from the Landlord upon the expiry of the certificate we are holding. As a minimum, there will be two double switched sockets in the living room, one in each bedroom, one single in the hall and three double sockets in the kitchen. All properties will have a working electric & if applicable gas supply, either on a normal quarterly billed meter or where prepayment meters are installed. We will ensure that there is a key or card and that the meters are debt-free.
  2. GAS CHECKS: Boiler, radiators, thermostat and timer will be in working order. The gas system will be tested, and a safety certificate obtained from the Landlord when the property is procured and we will provide them upon request. Valid gas certificates will be obtained from the landlords annually.
  3. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: An Energy Performance Certificate will be provided that outlines how energy efficient the property is.
  4. HEATING: The property will have an adequate & safe form of heating. Most of our properties have central heating but for those properties without central heating, wall fixed heaters will be put in place.
  5. PLUMBING AND WATER SYSTEM: The plumbing & water supply system will be tested to ensure it is in working order and free of leaks. Cold drinking water from the mains will be supplied to the kitchen sink, and the taps and stopcocks will be checked to ensure that they turn freely. This includes all tanks, cylinders, pipe-works, taps, stop valves, drainage, baths, showers, basins, sinks, toilet and cisterns.
  6. FLOORS AND STAIRS: The vinyl flooring will be intact, secure, level and free of trip or slip hazards. Clean, undamaged, washable vinyl flooring or similar shall be provided in the kitchen, bathroom and WC with a watertight mastic seal to all edges. The floors and skirting boards will be clean, secure and free of rot and trip hazards. The Stairs comprising the handrails, steps and vertical posts will be securely fitted. The carpets will be clean, secure and free of trip hazards.
  7. INTERNAL DOORS AND WINDOWS: The internal doors will be clean, secure, be easy to open and close, and the hinges and catches secure. The bathroom and WC doors will be fitted with a suitable lock that can be used from the inside. Locks are not provided for internal doors. For the windows, the glazing will be intact and secure, and the windows will be easy to open and close. We do not provide security locks to windows on the ground floor. All windows above the ground floor will be fitted with window restrictors.
  8. KITCHEN: The kitchen units will be sound and usable. All drawers and doors will open and close without catching. The number of kitchen units will vary on the size and layout of the kitchen. The worktop will be clean and sealed where it meets the wall, and around the sink. The sink this will be clean, free of rust and stains. The plug and chain will be securely fitted. The taps will also be clean, easy to operate, marked hot and cold, and drip-free. The stopcocks will be accessible and easy to open and close. New occupants will be shown the location of the stopcocks during the property induction. The tiling will be clean, not loose or cracked. All properties will be provided with freestanding or integrated gas or electric cookers/ovens, in the case of free-standing cookers/ovens, these will be secured to the wall by means of a safety chain. Finally, all properties will be provided with a working washing machine.
  9. BATHROOM: The bath will be clean and sealed where the bath edges meet the tiling. It will also be secure and free from major chips. The plug and chain, as well as the bath panel, will be secure and clean. The toilet pan, seat and cistern will be secure, clean and easy to flush. The wash hand basin plugs and chain, taps will equally be secure and clean. In addition, the taps will be easy to operate, drip-free, and marked hot and cold. The bathroom tiling will be clean, intact, and not loose or cracked with the watertight mastic seal.
  10. WALLS AND CEILINGS: All walls and ceilings will be sound, free from damp, graffiti, large cracks, loose plaster, bulges and holes. Where the properties are provided with air vents, the air vents will be free of obstruction and all properties are to be let out fully decorated generally in neutral colours; the occupants are not permitted to redecorate or alter the décor in any way.
  11. HEALTH AND SAFETY: In order to comply with current regulations, a risk assessment will be carried out where there is a duty to manage Asbestos under the relevant legislation. The properties procured will have hard-wired or battery-operated, clean, secure, well tested and fully working detectors fully installed in them. We will ensure up to two smoke detectors are provided in a house; one in the hall and one in the landing & one in a flat in the hall/lobby. The properties will also be provided with working Co2 detectors as per the relevant legislation. Finally, all properties will be provided with a fire blanket which will be located in the Kitchen as close to the cooker/oven as is possible to achieve.
  12. INTERNAL CLEANLINESS: The properties will be provided fully cleaned. This will entail:
  • All floors being swept (and mopped if tiled or covered in a washable surface);
  • Washing down the doors, worktops, cupboards and electrical outlets;
  • Removing all items such as drawing pins and sticky tape from walls;
  • Cleaning and de-scaling the wash hand basins, baths & toilets as required;
  • Ensuring that any new sanitary ware or kitchen units are free of packaging;
  • Damp wiping all radiators, front door, and frames inside and out;
  • Removing all packaging from any new furniture or white goods that are supplied.

  1. FURNITURE AND FITTINGS: All walls, carpets, and fittings will be of a reasonable standard, stain, tear and mark free. All windows above the ground floor will have window restrictors. All doors will be secured and three sets of keys provided for all doors and windows. All meter readings will be recorded at the start of the lease. If the property is on a prepayment meter, all debts will be cleared and relevant utilities keys/cards will be provided. A C02 detector will be fitted next to the boiler. A battery-operated smoke alarm will be installed on each floor.


  1. ROOF: This will be safe, secure, free of leaks, wind, and watertight.
  2. BRICKWORK, POINTING AND RENDER: These will be clear of graffiti, no major cracks, and shall be wind and watertight.
  3. DRAINS, GUTTERS, and DOWNPIPES AND OVERFLOWS: These will be safe and secure, free from blockages, weed growth and leaks.
  4. WINDOWS: These will be safe, wind, and watertight. They should be in a fit condition to be opened and closed freely, glazing and their frames secure. Locks & window restrictors where fitted will be in good working order.
  5. DOORS: These will be secure, and they should be able to open and close freely, be wind and watertight, and their locks should be in good working order. The occupant will be provided with one full set of keys.
  6. GARDENS (FRONT AND REAR): These will be cleared of rubbish. If they are badly overgrown, the grass and vegetation will be trimmed to a manageable level. After the occupant moves in, the garden will be their responsibility to maintain.
  7. GARAGES, SHEDS, AND OUTBUILDINGS: These will be locked and are not to be used by the occupants.
  8. PATHWAYS TO THE FRONT AND BACK DOORS: Pathways will be even and free of trip hazards.
  9. FENCES, WALLS, AND GATES: Shall be intact, free of graffiti and defects. Gates shall have working catches or locks.
  10. AIR VENTS: These will be clean and free of blockages.
  11. EXTERNAL PAINTING: These will be in good order.


Each year, we shall produce an investment leaflet that highlights the cyclical (e.g. gas inspections) and planned work (e.g. new replacement kitchen) programmed for the property.

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