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Complete Guide to Living in Leytonstone

Living in Leytonstone

A London Area with Affordable Property Prices, Good Transport Links, and Unbeatable Green Spaces
Living in leytonstone

Leytonstone is almost like an unspoilt little village with traditional charm. Still, it sits so close to central London that it will only take you 20 minutes to reach it. Its streets are lined with trees and Edwardian and Victorian properties and the green areas available to residents are hard to come by in other London neighbourhoods.

The Olympic regeneration plans have brought positive changes to Leytonstone, inspiring a new life into the High Road storefronts and community spaces. It now feels like it is ready to take on a front-row seat in East London’s hippest and coolest urban centres. With many independent restaurants, plenty of bars and pubs, cultural activities and events, Leytonstone has attracted more and more residents over the last decade and continues to do so at a steady pace.

Leytonstone transport benefits from connections to the London Underground and the London Overground, as well as good bus and cycling routes.

About the Area – Leytonstone

Leytonstone is included in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. It sits only 7 miles north-east of Charing Cross and is neighboured by Walthamstow, Leyton, and Wanstead.

Close to the East Village, the Olympic Park, and the hip area of Stratford, Leytonstone has much to offer its residents in terms of fun activities, great amenities, and community. It is a quiet, village feel suburban area with many green areas, sports amenities, and events. The Leytonstone Festival dating back to the 1990s promotes local young talents in musical and creative performances and the Leytonstone Arts Trail will keep art enthusiasts entertained every year with amazing exhibitions and displays in venues scattered throughout the neighbourhood.

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Underground – Central Line stations

Overground stations

Rail stations


Leytonstone – Know the Area

Leytonstone definitely doesn’t disappoint in terms of fun activities, sports, and community events. You’ll find everything you want in this cool neighbourhood. Children of all ages, including adults, will have something on their activity list every day. Our estate agents Leytonstone recommend these as the most popular attractions in the area:


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Leytonstone is a traditional suburb and its housing market stays true to that feature. There aren’t many new builds in the area, but that doesn’t mean that the existing Victorian and Edwardian properties cannot be upgraded and fitted to match any taste in real estate – from more traditional to open-plan, smart homes.

Renters and buyers won’t be disappointed by the range of homes they can find in Leytonstone.


Parks and green areas are widely available to Leytonstone residents and outdoor activity fans will find something new to do every day. The Olympic Park is a stone’s throw away, and Epping Forest, Wanstead Flats, and Hollow Ponds also have great activities lined up for every age group. Leytonstone residents can enjoy boating and fishing activities, golf or tennis courts, or work on upgrading their fitness levels in the local sports centres.

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Leytonstone hosts many young residents of diverse origins and nationalities. Its total population according to the 2011 Census is made up of 12,879 residents.


Discreet local shops are lined up in Leytonstone alongside larger chain shops like Tesco, Argos, Boots. Most shopping in the area is concentrated on and around Leytonstone High Road and the area around Leytonstone Underground station or St John’s Church.

Pubs and restaurants are diverse and can satisfy every taste bud. There is also a makers’ market called the Stones Throw Market held in St. John’s Church hall. There, you can find vintage products, local produce, and quaint accessories

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Average Property Prices

Leytonstone is known as a great alternative to its more expensive neighbour, Hackney. It has a diverse housing market with affordable properties and good value for money.

Here are the average property prices you can expect to find in the Leytonstone area:


New Developments in the Area

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Most properties in Leytonstone are Victorian and Edwardian homes or council flats. Few new builds are now in progress. The most recent ones are:

Schools in Leytonstone

Children can benefit from great education facilities in Leytonstone. Young families will surely appreciate this advantage the area offers. Here is a list of some of the most well-ranked schools in Leytonstone:


There are several good hospitals and medical facilities available in and around Leytonstone. Here is our shortlist of available medical units:

hospital - East London

Wanstead Hospital

Makepeace Rd, Wanstead, London E11 1UU, UK

hospital - East London

Mile End Hospital

Bancroft Road, London E1 4DG, UK

hospital - East London

Whipps Cross University Hospital

Whipps Cross Rd, Leytonstone, London E11 1NR, UK

hospital - East London

BMI The London Independent Hospital

1 Beaumont Square, Stepney, London E1 4NL, UK

hospital - East London

Sir Ludwig Guttman Health Centre

Olympic Park, 40 Liberty Bridge Rd, London E20 1AS, UK

hospital - East London

Barts Health NHS Trust Children’s hospital

The Royal Hospital, Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1BB, UK

Hospital logo

Wanstead Hospital

Hospital logo

Mile End Hospital

Hospital logo

Whipps Cross University Hospital

Hospital logo

BMI The London Independent Hospital

Hospital logo

Sir Ludwig Guttman Health Centre

Hospital logo

Barts Health NHS Trust Children’s hospital


Wanstead Hospital


Mile End Hospital


Whipps Cross University Hospital

Leytonstone’s History

Leytonstone’s current name is derived from ‘Leyton-atte-Stone’, the settlement’s original name. It referenced the distance marker called “High Stone” located at the junction of Hollybush Hill and New Wanstead. The High Stone is a restored obelisk dating back to the 18th-century thought to be a former Roman milestone marking an extension of the Roman road leading to London from Dunmow. A Roman cemetery south of Blind Lane and ruins of Roman buildings were also found in Leyton Grange in Leytonstone.

Leytonstone’s High Road is part of an ancient road running from Epping to London, on the outskirts of Epping Forest. The first documented settlement here dates back to the early 14th century. Back then, Leytonstone was part of the parish of Leyton in the county of Essex.

The area is a known retreat and retirement area within close proximity to London, the same reasons it is so appreciated today, from as far back as the 18th century when wealthy merchants and financiers chose to make it their home.

Leytonstone started developing into a larger urban centre once the railway station was open here in 1856 and went on to become a popular place for industrial and office workers. To preserve the area’s green spaces, the forest land in the north and east of Leytonstone (80 hectares) was excluded from any development plans through the Epping Forest Act 1878.

In 1898, Leytonstone hosted the first department store outside central London to have an escalator. It is also the birthplace of world-known football star David Beckham and of famed Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock.


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The Leytonstone Arts Trail Festival

Arts Trail is a local visual arts festival organized every year in Leytonstone. It started in 2008 and it is run by a non-profit organization made up of artists who want to invest in the development of their community. The exhibitions are free of charge.

The festival is a great opportunity for rising creative talents to showcase their work and build connections with local artists and businesses, as well as the local residents.

The festival is named Arts Trail because the work of participants is displayed in a series of locations such as galleries, studios, workshops, cafes and shops, and even outdoors or in their homes. The creative designs are collected and curated by the Leytonstone Arts Trail organizers and made available to the public on their website and in a printed guide booklet.

Leytonstone Commute Times

Canary Wharf
Distance: 5 miles
By public transport: 35 minutes
By car: 20 minutes
By bike: 30 minutes

The City
Distance: 6.6 miles
By public transport: 25 minutes
By car: 35 minutes
By bike: 35 minutes

Distance: 9.1 miles
By public transport: 50 minutes
By car: 40 minutes
By bike: 50 minutes

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Leytonstone Pubs and Restaurants

Oven East – a local favourite for oven-fired pizzas for every taste

The Olive – a restaurant serving fine Mediterranean dishes at affordable prices

The Birds – a cool pub with great Sunday roasts inspired by the legacy of Alfred Hitchcock

The Wild Goose Bakery – a local bakery with an amazing selection of cakes and pastries

KeraSpice – an Indian cuisine eatery serving great-flavoured mixed grills and Dosas

The Red Lion – a traditional pub complete with a beer garden and a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights

Mora – a restaurant serving authentic Sardinian food

Little Saigon – serving Asian cuisine like various noodle dishes and soft shell crab

The Luna Lounge – a music venue with live jazz, rock, and blues music nights

All You Read Is Love – an independent bookshop, café and bar that sells books and records and serves cocktails and coffee

Le Petit Corner – a café that also offers a great selection of pastry and gourmet foods plus a secluded garden.

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