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Living in Ilford Town

A Strategically Located Metropolitan Centre that Exceeds Expectations

Estate agents Ilford

Ilford is a dynamic area in North East London, in the borough of Redbridge. It is located only 15 minutes away from Central London. Ilford hosts a vibrant, multi-cultural, tight-knit community and plenty of shopping, leisure, and entertainment opportunities. It is known as one of the largest retail centres in London, a place where nothing stays the same for too long.

Ilford offers residents and visitors alike a wide variety of shopping, dining, and outdoor activity options. Our estate agents recommend the area for its many parks, bars, restaurants, pubs, and cafes, as well as local shops on Ilford Lane and shopping centres like the Exchange Ilford. It has great schools and medical care facilities and attracts young, hard-working professionals with its energetic and friendly vibes.

Ilford was once a rural village made up of 50 houses. It has come a long way since. Ilford is now a major metropolitan centre of major commercial and retail importance, a bustling hub that perfectly integrates the old and the new.

In terms of residential properties, Ilford has something for everyone. From 1930sbay-fronted homes with back gardensto Edwardian and Victorian double-fronted homesand modern builds fit for millionaires.

About the Area

Ilford accelerated its transformation from rural settlement to metropolitan centre after the Great Eastern Railway in 1839 arrived in the area. The town’s population significantly increased and Ilford became a municipal borough in 1926. It was included in Greater London in 1965.

Ilford’s main advantage is its location, offering residents a 30-minute commute to Central London. Transport options are widely available and very convenient with several stations along the Central Line of the London Underground. The area will also be served by the upcoming Crossrail – the Elizabeth Line, which will make access to areas like Canary Wharf, Paddington, and London Heathrow Airport even easier.

Another important feature is the area’s wide range of housing options. Residents of Ilford get to choose from a range of Victorian and Edwardian homes – the fixer-upper favourites, 1920s terrace houses,or new-builds with modern amenities.

As far as entertainment is concerned, there is no shortage of it in Ilford. Shopping enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of local shops, high street stores and shopping malls, plus many local markets. And there is always Westfield Stratford City – the largest mall in Europe, located just 12 minutes away via TFL Rail.

Culture enthusiasts also have many options in Ilford. The most famous of the cultural centres in Ilford is the Kenneth More Theatre. It offers a lot of family fun, putting on plays as well as musicals. If you enjoy sporting activities, Ilford features a local swimming pool, quick access to the Olympic park, and abundant green areas. The most famous of the green areas in Ilford is Valentines park, featuring unique floral displays and the Valentines mansion.

Ilford is a very appreciated vibrant urban centre with big plans underway. Estate agents say it is set to develop even further following the ambitious regeneration plans that are currently being put in place by local authorities and the local community.

Estate agents Ilford
Estate agents Ilford


TFL Rail stations

  • Ilford
  • Seven Kings
  • Goodmayes


TUBE – Central Line stations

  • Redbridge
  • Gants Hill
  • Newbury Park
  • Barkingside
  • Fairlop


London Airport – 20 minutes by car


Ilford is one of the greenest areas in London, with 40% of its land dedicated to green spaces. It has many attractions ranging from restaurants and pubs to shops and parks. Our Ilford estate agents have put together a list of the most popular places where Ilford residents spend their time:


Valentines Park – a 130-acre park featuring gardens, a lake where you can take boat trips, enjoy the amazing scenery, and a huge pond with ducks. It offers great activities for sports enthusiasts and was voted as one of the best green spaces in the United Kingdom at the Green Flag Award.

Redbridge Museum – located on the second floor of the Central Library, it is a fun place to learn the history of the London Borough of Redbridge and enjoy interactive displays about the 150,000-year old history of some of the most famous sites.

Ilford Hospital Chapel – built in 1140, this chapel served as a shelter for the sick. You can enjoy a free tour of its well-preserved architecture and eventful history.

South Park – this 33-acre award-winning green space features bike paths, picturesque trees,and a lake with swans, ducks, moorhens, and other fascinating birds. It also features basketball courts, tennis courts, and a field for football or cricket.

Kenneth Moore Theatre – open since 1975, this theatre hosts a wide variety of shows from amateur and professional companies like musicals, plays, concerts, dance numbers, and many more.

Seven Kings Park – a great place for family fun with lush scenery and tranquil vibes, where you can play football, basketball, cricket or try the skate park.

Estate agents Ilford


The Ilford housing stock includes 1920-1930s homes, Victorian and Edwardian homes, and new developments with modern amenities. Ilford estate agents say that many older homes include back gardens and high ceilings and the new developments have high-standard contemporary features.


Ilford has no shortage of green spaces since they make up 40% of the area. Among them,Valentines Park, South Park, and Seven Kings Park are the most popular. Ilford estate agents say residents here spend most of their free time enjoying the large selection of outdoor activities the area has to offer.

Estate agents Ilford
Estate agents Ilford


According to the 2011 Census, Ilford has a population of just over 168,000. Ilford estate agents would argue that the area has more residents now, but it will take a new Census to settle that argument. The community in Ilford comprises many different cultures from numerous parts of the world and its diversity can be seen in the wide range of local specialty shops and restaurants.


Exchange Ilford shopping mall, proximity to Westfield Stratford City, high-street shops on Ilford Lane are only a few of the choices shopping lovers have in Ilford. There are also many local shops and local markets available.

Estate agents Ilford

Average Property Prices

Ilford estate agents see this area as a great investment opportunity. It attracts young professionals and young families and it is popular with first-time buyers. Renters are also attracted to the good value for money Ilford offers so that the area is also attractive to buy-to-let investors. There are plenty of good offers for buying, letting, and also selling at very good prices in Ilford.

The list below will give you a better idea of what you can expect as far as average property prices in the Ilford area are concerned:

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Average Weekly Rental Prices

  • 1 bedroom property
  • 2 bedroom property
  • 3 bedroom property:
  • 4 bedroom property
  • Studio
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Average Sale Prices

  • 1 bedroom property
  • 2 bedroom property
  • 3 bedroom property:
  • 4 bedroom property

New Developments in the Area

Ilford has very good options for those looking to [buy] a modern property. Here is a shortlist of the most notable new-builds in Ilford:

The Paragon Ilford Hills – residential development of 10, 14, and 18-storey towers with 141 new homes for residents and a separate retail space minutes from Ilford station. It features 1, 2 & 3-bedroom 100% affordable apartments, 36 with affordable rent, and 105 available to buy through shared ownership

  • Ilford Retail Park – a mixed-use project developed by Montreaux that will include 850 homes in towers of up to 30 storeys. The project also includes commercial and retail spaces, a primary school, public realm, and car parking on 2.5 acres
  • 22-26 Clements Road – Redbridge Living’s two-tower project with 35% affordable housing – a 9-storey building made up of 54 flats and a 10-storey building made up of 40 flats.
  • Goodmayes Tesco – Tesco and Weston Homes’ planned build of 1,280 homes on the site in High Road in “a series of striking contemporary buildings set in landscaped grounds”. The project includes a school playground, residential amenity spaces, a roof terrace, tree-lined pedestrian walkways, and public open spaces.

Schools in Ilford

With some of the highest-ranking schools in London, Ilford is excellent for young families with children. Here is a list of the most appreciated schools in Ilford:

  • Eastcourt Independent School
  • Seven Kings School
  • Apex Primary School
  • Newbridge School
  • Valentines High School
  • The Ursuline Academy Ilford
  • Christchurch Primary School
  • Cleveland Road Primary School
  • Aldborough Primary School
  • Woodlands Primary School
  • Goodmayes Primary School
  • Mayespark Primary School
  • Uphall Primary School
  • Highlands Primary School
  • St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School
  • Palmer Catholic Academy
  • Morpeth School
  • Redbridge Primary School
  • St Aidan’s Catholic Primary Academy


The town of Ilford has many great medical care facilities to offer its residents, with general and specialized services for all age groups. Here are some of the most well-ranked medical care centres in Ilford:

Estate Agents Stratford
Estate Agents Stratford
Estate Agents Stratford
Estate Agents Stratford
Estate Agents Stratford
Estate Agents Stratford
Estate Agents Stratford
Estate Agents Stratford
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What Makes Ilford Great

Out of all that Ilford has to offer to those looking to [buy a property] here, there are a few advantages that are hard to come by in London. First of all, Ilford offers great access. Only 30 minutes from Central London by Tube, Ilford also has many cycling lanes, very good bus connections, and is included in the route of the new Crossrail. Ilford estate agents often recommend Ilford to buyers looking for a green area in close proximity to the centre.

Second of all, Ilford has great schools, lots of parks and green areas, shopping and cultural centres. This means that residents can easily find anything they need in the area, without having to go too far. Staying in Ilford also means great access to international cuisine and diverse cultures.

Ilford estate agents expect prices in the area to increase fast once the Crossrail is complete and the area’s regeneration plans are finalized. Right now, the market in Ilford still offers [residential properties] at very affordable prices guaranteeing a high return on investment.

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How to Choose an Ilford Property

If you’ve set your heart on Ilford and are looking to [buy] or [rent] a property here, make sure you research all the options.

Most new residents in Ilford have come to the area looking for more space for their money. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Ilford – more breathing room. There are plenty of property types to choose from, too. Ilford has many Victorian and Edwardian homes available, as well as 1930s style bay fronted properties with high ceilings, large-sized rooms, and back gardens. These homes are better suited to those looking for a fixer-upper, although fully updated options are available, too.

There are also many modern options for those who do not want the headache of updating an older property. New developments in Ilford are widely available at mostly reasonable prices. All you have to do if you want a [property in Ilford] is to choose what suits you best.

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Ilford Estate Agent Tips

The recent influx of young professionals, new businesses, and modern housing developments are changing the face of Ilford at a fast pace. The housing stock in Ilford is said to increase by 6,000 new homes by 2030.

There are plans in place to redirect several main roads that cross the town’s centre to allow for more pedestrian walkways and cycling paths. Local regeneration plans are focused on reducing pollution and providing more public spaces for the local community. The Ilford Manifesto – a community partnership – aims to turn Ilford back into a classic London town, increasing the number of homes, jobs, restaurants and services in the area and investing in culture and highlighting its cultural mix.

Ilford estate agents expect these massive regeneration plans to increase demand for properties in this borough, so there is no time to wait if you are interested in [buying] or [renting] in Ilford Town.

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The Future of Ilford

Being as familiar as they are to the area, our Ilford estate agents can’t help playing favourites. They prefer certain Ilford areas to others due to their quiet, tree-lined streets and more updated homes, such as north Ilford, Garden City Estate, and around Parkway and Egerton Gardens.

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