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Complete Guide to Living in Bromley by Bow

Living in Bromley by Bow

A Riverside Residential Haven Packed with Green Areas and Major Regeneration Developments

Living in bromley by bow

Minutes from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Bromley by Bow is a quiet residential area that has undergone massive transformations in the last 10 years. It is very popular with renters and first-time buyers because it offers great value for money and loads of green, open areas. Bromley by Bow is well connected to the financial district and the City. Students appreciate its proximity to the Queen Mary University of London that is only a 20-minute walk away.

Bromley by Bow is mostly residential and hosts a tight-knit multicultural community. Residents have a wide range of shopping and leisure activities to enjoy in the area, on top of the area’s historic and traditional feel. The River Lea offers great views and waterside walkways, as well as jogging and dog-walking routes.

Bromley by Bow has access to the Tube’s District and Hammersmith & City Lines, as well as to the Central Line at nearby Mile End station. The area also has three DLR station at Devons Road, Bow Church, and Langdon Park. It does not disappoint when it comes to short commutes and also has plenty of contemporary residential developments to satisfy the appetite for modern properties of young London professionals. The Crossrail will also be easily accessible from Bromley by Bow at Stratford station.

About the Area – Bromley by Bow Guide

Home of the oldest canal in London, Bromley by Bow is located in the East London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It sits in the Lower Lea Valley, west of the River Lea, just 5 miles from Charing Cross. Originally known as Brembeley, Bromley by Bow was renamed as we know it today to prevent confusion with London’s south-eastern town of Bromley, in the Borough having the same name.

The area’s major regeneration began with the 2012 Olympics, as much of the other areas surrounding the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Since then, several residential developments and transport investments have transformed Bromley by Bow into what is now a very attractive neighbourhood for young families, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Bromley by Bow’s rejuvenation is not about to stop soon. Plans are in place for several massive investments and developments that will transform the area even further. Apart from already being home to the Queen Mary University of London, the area will soon host four new university campuses out of which UCL, the oldest university in London, and the Loughborough University.

There are investments of up to £1.1 billion planned for a new cultural and educational hub in the area – the East Bank. This development will host important names such as the BBC, the Victoria and Albert Museum of Art and Design, or the London College of Fashion. These plans are bound to put Bromley by Bow on the map of trendiest London areas definitively.

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Bromley by Bow – Know the Area

Residents of Bromley by Bow have many shops, bars, and restaurants to choose from in their leisure time. Big-brands, as well as independent local businesses, cover all the necessities and then some. International cuisine, quaint bargains, and creativity are at home here. Our Bromley by Bow estate agents recommend these as the most popular attractions in the area:


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Bromley by Bow has preserved some of its historic buildings and has a good range of period homes available to renters and buyers. The most sought-after properties in the area are, however, the modern riverside residential developments making the most out of the area’s vistas and waterside opportunities.


Bromley by Bow offers residents an almost infinite number of sporting and outdoor activities. From tennis to cycling, to hockey and climbing or extreme sports. The parks in this area do not disappoint and have many facilities and playgrounds for all ages.

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The Roman Road Market offers Bromley by Bow residents local produce, as well as clothing and homeware stalls. There are also quaint boutique stores that can be found in Shoreditch, while the big brands await their customers at Westfield Stratford City.


Bromley by Bow’s multicultural community is made up of 11,581 residents. Attracting more and more young London professionals, this area is a great mix of old and new and a wonderful place for young families and students.

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Bromley by Bow has recorded massive increases in house prices in recent years. As it becomes more appealing to a new pool of tenants and homeowners, the area is heavily investing in new development to suit the needs of this influx of new residents. Properties in Bromley by Bow still offer good value for money but most of all great opportunities for investment, with some of the highest yields in London. There are many properties available for buyingletting, and also selling at good prices.

Here are the average property prices you can expect to find in the Bromley by Bow area:

New Developments in the Area guiDe by

Estate Agents Bromley By Bow

If you are in the market for a period home you will find it in Bromley by Bow. If, however, you are looking for a modern flat with numerous amenities in a luxury high-rise, you won’t be kept waiting either. The Bromley by Bow property market is a great mix of old and new and riverside developments are popping up everywhere you look.

Here is a shortlist of Bromley by Bow’s most notable new residential projects:

Schools in Bromley by Bow

Bromley by Bow has great choices for schools that young families residing in the area will surely appreciate. Here is a list of some of the most well-ranked schools in Bromley by Bow:



There are several good hospitals and medical facilities available in and around Bromley by Bow. Here is our shortlist of available medical units:


hospital - East London

St Bartholomews

78 McCullum Rd, Bow, London E3 5JBX, UK

hospital - East London

Bethnal Green & Globe Town C M H T

51 Three Colts Ln, London E2 6FW, UK

hospital - East London

BMI The London Independent Hospital

1 Beaumont Square, Stepney, London E1 4NL, UK

hospital - East London

Barts Health NHS Trust Children’s hospital

The Royal Hospital, Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1BB, UK

hospital - East London

The Royal London Dental Hospital

Turner St, Whitechapel, London E1 1DE, UK

hospital - East London

Mile End Hospital

Bancroft Road, London E1 4DG, UK

St Bartholomews hospital- Estate Agents Bromley by Bow

St Bartholomews

Mile End Hospital- Estate Agents Bromley by Bow

Mile End Hospital

Bethnal Green- Estate Agents Bromley by Bow

Bethnal Green & Globe Town C M H T

BMI Hospital- Estate Agents Bromley by Bow

BMI The London Independent Hospital

The Royal London- Estate Agents Bromley by Bow

The Royal London Dental Hospital

Barts Health NHS- Estate Agents Bromley by Bow

Barts Health NHS Trust Children’s hospital


There are several good hospitals and medical facilities available in and around Bromley by Bow. Here is our shortlist of available medical units:



St Bartholomews


Mile End Hospital


Bethnal Green & Globe Town C M H T


BMI The London Independent Hospital


The Royal London Dental Hospital


Barts Health NHS Trust Children’s hospital

Spratt’s Complex

Currently known as Colman’s Wharf, Spratt’s Complex is the first warehouse conversions in London. It used to be a grain factory and then a pet food factory and was transformed into 150 live-work units in 1985.

Spratt’s complex is located on Morris Road, alongside the Limehouse Cut canal. It is popular with artists and architects and attracts many creative professionals. In 2008, the complex was included in the Langdon Park conservation area.

The roof features a 1,500 sq ft communal garden with great views of Canary Wharf, which the locals are proud to maintain and develop.

By bike: 20 minutes

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Bromley by Bow Centre

The local community benefits from the support of the Bromley by Bow Centre. This charity comprises a neighbourhood hub, a medical centre, and a community research project.

The charity’s activities aim to support the local community by offering educational programs, medical care, and employment aid.

There are three sites where Bromley by Bow residents can access primary care services and a centre for skill-improvement featuring creative, computer, and English language courses.

Bromley by Bow Commute Times

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Bromley by Bow and Ghandi

Bromley by Bow is famous for hosting Gandhi back in 1931. While in London to hold talks with the British Imperial government about India’s independence from the British Empire, Gandhi decided he did not want to accept the offer for hotel accommodation. Instead, he preferred to say with working-class locals in the East End.

He was well-received by Bromley by Bow locals at Kingsley Hall in Powis Road, where he stayed for three months. This was the only time Gandhi was away from India between 1914 and 1948.

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