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Before renting a property you will have several questions in mind. As such, in the following sections we will look at few of the tenant faqs that you need to be aware of.

Common Tenant Faqs

After you move into the house it will be your responsibility to pay for utilities such as TV licence, telephone, council tax, electricity, gas, and water.

Repairs to the property will be the responsibility of landlord while you will have to perform day to day repairs such as repairing fuses and light bulbs.

Landlord will be respecting your privacy while carrying out regular inspection. However, it will be necessary for the landlord to provide you a notice for the same and should not occur at a higher frequency than on quarterly basis.
Moreover, the frequency of inspection should also be mentioned in the tenancy agreement that you will be signing.

It will be necessary for landlord to provide information about the scheme that has been used for protecting tenant's deposit. This information is to be shared within thirty days of payment of the deposit amount by the tenant.

It will be your responsibility to pay rent till the time a new tenant is found for the property. This will be required in case you leave the house before tenancy period ends or if there is no valid break clause.
Additionally, you will have to bear the expenditure that landlord will have to incur on re-letting his or her property.

Most of the tenancy agreements used nowadays are known as assured short hold tenancies. In case, landlord is going to provide furniture or allow certain type of decoration then such conditions will be specified in the agreement as an additional clause.

This will mainly depend upon kind of services landlord has opted for. Let us go through the details here.

  • Let Only Service: Here you will receive details of landlord at the time you move in and there will be no dealing with us after that.
  • Rent Processing Agents: In case, we have been selected as landlord’s rent processing agents then you will receive details of landlord so that you can contact the landlord about issues related to the property. But any issue that is related to rent will be dealt by us.
  • Manage Property: If we get the responsibility of managing the property then we will be taking care of all involved issues. In such situation, you will not have directly deal with the landlord.

In case, you have any more doubts about renting the property then do give us a call and we will do our best to answer all your queries.

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