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Selling A House – Property Agents

Why us?

There are different reasons why you should select us when you are planning to sell your property. Being one of the best selling estate agents, here we provide an overview of our offerings.

Perfect Real Estate Agency in UK

 Customized Approach

The secret to our success is our customized approach to selling properties because we understand that every property is different and so are the requirements.

Perfect Real Estate Agency in UK

Range of Services

With our experience and expertise spanning the globe, we have different departments to provide a wide range of services. Also, we offer specialist services to make sure you get the best.

Perfect Real Estate Agency in UK

Well-spread Network

Being a part of the world’s largest real estate network, RE/MAX has become a well-known brand in Europe and across the globe

A Brand that Our Customers Easily Recognize

With an extensive network of experts, Remax Star does stand out from rest of the crowd.

1. We carry out advertising campaigns on regularly basis.
2. We offer distinctive For Sale boards which stands out loud.
3. We have high street offices open for prospective sellers and buyers to visit.
4. Our web site gets thousands of visitor traffic on a monthly basis.

How Working with Best Selling Estate Agents Can Make a Difference? 

Get Maximum Exposure

Not all agents empower their landlords & tenants with that much exposure and a unique combination of tools as we do. Working with us, you will have the assurance that your property will get the required exposure to focused audience base on different platforms, ranging from offline to online, print and digital.

Offline Exposure

  • We provide prominent window displays
  • We do flyers & Leaflets for local advertising
  • We create eye-catching For Sale boards
  • We send SMS and email alerts to our user base

A Firm With Integrity & Unparalleled Customer Service

Wondering what makes us the best selling estate agents

RE/MAX Star operates according to a stringent code of practice and has also been a proud voluntary members of different bodies for several years. We are experts in property legislation and always ensure you stay on the right side of the law. Furthermore, we have offices in different locations that work in sync and adhere to professional standards laid out by professional bodies. 

At the heart of our offering is our exceptional customer service which we strive to provide throughout the process of selling your property. Please check our Google Reviews… 

Why Sell through Best Selling Estate Agents

We believe that when it comes to selecting an estate agent, it is better to choose the one that provides a wide range of services, transparency, professional assistance throughout the selling process, and 100% client satisfaction rate. 


Guidance on Property Viewing

At the time of viewing, the first impression plays an important role. We can provide you useful tips on how to prepare your home for viewing so that it provides the best impression to prospective buyers.  As such, few of the aspects you need to focus on would consist of:

1. Kerb Appeal

The first thing buyers will see would be the outside section of your home and as such, improving kerb appeal of your property will be an important aspect to look into. As such, you need to ensure that there are clear paths, clean windows, and a well maintained front.

Perfect Real Estate Agency in UK
Selling A House - Property Agents

2. Inside the House

The aim should be to make prospective buyer feel at home while he or she is viewing the property. Thus, you need to ensure that there is comfortable temperature within the house, it is free of clutter and is spotlessly clean. You may well keep the lights on to make the room look more spacious as well as brighten them.

We also try to accompany you on all viewings. Our sales experts have the expertise to identify as well as highlight special features of your property that a buyer will be interested in.

3. An Offer on Property

Counted among the best selling estate agents, we will be: Providing all the details about the offer in writing and information about the interested buyer. We will also take necessary steps to verify financial position of the buyer by checking required evidence for the same. Our aim will be to negotiate with the buyer to get the best offer for you. We will also recommend what you should do next and also provide unbiased comparison in case your property receives multiple offers.
Providing professional advice on best available offer. Few of the other things to be examined when your property receives an offer would include analysis of financial stability of buyer, buyer’s desired timescale, and if buyer has placed any type of condition on his or her offer.

Selling A House - Property Agents
Perfect Real Estate Agency in UK

4. Acceptance of Offer Moving Day

If you like a certain offer and accept it then it will be necessary to instruct a Solicitor. Solicitor’s job will be to send draft contracts to buyer and his Solicitor. This contract will explain details of the sale. Buyer’s Solicitor will be raising queries regarding the contract and it will be your responsibility to answer them. We will liaison with solicitors as well as the buyer throughout the process and keep you posted about the sales progression.
We will ensure that everything takes place on moving day just as it has been planned and your Solicitor receives the outstanding money from lender. After the process completes you will have to hand over the keys to complete the process of sale of your property. If you are looking to sell your property, then get in touch to have the assurance that you will receive high-class professional services and receive best offers on your property. Call us today!

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  • Proven Success
  • Advanced Technology
  • Global Presence
  • Brand Recognition

Extend Your Reach With GLOBAL  CONNECTIONS.  Today’s  real  estate  is  global,  and  referrals  flow  seamlessly  between  RE/MAX  agents,  with  no middleman or corporate interference. You can also tap into specialised tools, resources and education for residential real estate

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