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Each year, our agents help hundreds of thousands of families buy or sell a house

Each year,
our agents help hundreds
of thousands of families
buy or sell a house

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Most of the properties need to have the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in case, the property is to be marketed for selling it.
This certificate contains details about energy usage by the property, usual energy cost, and recommendation on ways energy usage can be reduced for saving money.
Rating provided by EPC ranges from G to A with G being least efficient and A being most efficient. Our experts can suggest whether you will require EPC and can also work to get one created for you. Lastly, this certificate is valid for ten years from the date it is created.

It is better to let an estate agent perform this duty of showing the property to prospective buyers.  Our estate agents already have a clear understanding of requirements buyers have and as such we are able to highlight unique aspects about your property that will make buyers interested. Moreover, it is likely that prospective buyers will be more inclined to provide honest feedback to an
estate agent rather than to owner of the property.

It is likely that a buyer feel a lot more relaxed when owner is not present. Additionally, if there are less number of people around in the house, it will help to make the house look more spacious.

However, during second viewings the owner should be present to answer more involved questions that an estate agent might not be able to answer like owner’s relationship with neighbors and expenditure on utilities that are to be made.

No, you as well as the other party can withdraw prior to exchange of contracts.

Usually, it takes about twelve weeks to complete the sale. However, there are different factors which can have an effect over total time it takes for completion of the sale. If there are several people involved in the sale then it can take longer. For example, if someone is going to sell his or her property and then only be able to purchase a new one then purchase will get
delayed if the person is not able to find the right buyer for his or her property.
Another factor would be the type of conveyancer for parties select. In case, it is an unresponsive or slow conveyancer then it will negatively effect the entire process.

We would be able to recommend experienced conveyancers to make sure the whole process works out in a smooth fashion.
Additionally, if property survey results in inquiries or if the buyer is relying on a mortgage to purchase the property then also the sale can get delayed.

Exchange of contracts takes place when everyone involved is satisfied that the transaction is in order.
At this point, completion date is agreed upon by both parties and the contract is signed. It is also the time when deposit amount which is about ten percent of the purchase price is paid by the buyer and after that the sale is legally binding.

Completion refers to the moving day wherein outstanding amount is transferred to solicitor.
The solicitor in turn deducts necessary fees, redeems outstanding mortgage, and transfers the balance amount. At this juncture, you will have to vacate the property and give the keys to new owner’s estate agent.

In case, it is the main home then you will not have to pay any tax if you are able to satisfy given requirements. However, you should contact our local office to get more information about the same.

It will be necessary for the buyer to make payment of stamp duty.

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