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Smart appliances and technology are taking over the world and helping us lead easier, more sustainable, and safer lives. When it comes to your home, smart tech has an added advantage. That is, it can add significant value to your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. This means that, if you decide to sell the home, you can make more profit.

With their extensive experience, our estate agents in Newham have seen many smart homes and know what features buyers are looking for. In this article, they are sharing tips on how to make your home more valuable by making it smarter.

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What you can find in this article:

Benefits of Having a Smart Home

Benefits of Having a Smart Home

Having a smart home comes with many advantages according to our estate agents in Newham. For one, smart homes are more energy-efficient. They are also more secure and more convenient.

You can go about making your home smarter by setting up an entire ecosystem or by simply turning ordinary items into smart ones.

More Convenience

A smart home is a home that has appliances and other electrical items hooked up to a network, where they can be controlled from. These items can be connected to the home’s Wi-Fi system or by Bluetooth and monitored and controlled from a smartphone.

Controlling everything in your home from one place can be very convenient and make your life easier, as our estate agents in Newham point out. You can turn the lights on or off or the heating in the home from your phone without even being at home.

You can also wake up and get your coffee brewing while you are still in bed.

Additionally, you can set schedules for your different electrical appliances to have them ready when you need them or to save energy.

Energy Saving

Especially now, when everyone is talking about saving energy and reducing utility bills, making your home smarter can be a very smart move.

According to our estate agents in Newham, smart technology is a very efficient, not to mention accessible way, to help save on energy and reduce energy costs.

With a smart ecosystem or smart lighting or plugs, you can easily control your home’s energy consumption. You can set schedules to turn appliances, lights, or even the heat on and off as you need by simply using your phone.

More Security

Another added bonus of having a smart home is that you can feel more secure. Smart systems can keep your family and your home safe with alarms, sensors, and cameras that detect every move and let you know in an instant.

On top of this, our estate agents in Newham emphasize that you can also connect your CO2 detectors to your home’s smart system, too.

Added Value

Added value is perhaps the most notable of the advantages of having a smart home.

Our estate agents in Newham say that more and more people are now looking for the convenience, safety, and sustainability offered by smart tech. This means that, in the event you decide to sell your home or rent it, you will attract more potential clients who are willing to spend more to acquire your property.

5 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

5 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

If you haven’t already started to integrate smart technology into your home, here are 5 things you can start with:

Smart Heating

Our estate agents in Newham recommend you start by installing a smart heating system.
Doing this will reduce your monthly energy costs and make the home more comfortable and sustainable.

A smart heating system can help you monitor and control the home’s heating remotely or from home in order to save on energy bills using only a thermostat and your smartphone. It can also give provide solutions and advice on how to use less energy while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

You can turn the heating off when you don’t need it with one click or make the home toasty and warm before you even get home when the GPS notifies it you are close by.

Your smart home system can also be set up to turn your heating off when you leave if you forget about it.

Smart Lighting

Another smart feature our estate agents in Newham recommend you consider for convenience and energy-saving is smart lighting.

You can install a full system or simply start off by installing smart light bulbs.

Smart light bulbs are very energy efficient, they can be controlled and scheduled from your phone, and they can also be connected to the home’s smart ecosystem.

Smart Security

A smart security system is a great way to keep your family and home safer. Our estate agents in Newham recommend you consider installing items like a video doorbell, cameras with sensors that can livestream images to your phone, and motion sensors.

Smart Plugs

If you want to start out small, smart plugs are another efficient way to make your home smarter.

Instead of buying smart and more expensive appliances, our estate agents in Newham recommend you use smart plugs to turn your coffee machine, TV, or lamps into smart appliances.

Using smart plugs, you can control these appliances from your phone just like you would smart appliances. You can also schedule the plugs to turn on and off when you need them to.

Smart Ecosystem

If you want to go all in, our estate agents in Newham recommend you look into installing a smart ecosystem for your home.

These ecosystems function as a network for your smart devices and appliances, allowing you to control, monitor, and schedule everything from one convenient app.

You can choose one from manufacturers like Amazon, Google, or Apple. Consider what type of smart appliances you currently have because each will work better with a different ecosystem.

If you want to know more about how to make your home smarter and increase its value or if you are selling or letting a property in East London, contact our estate agents in Newham today at 0207 055 0441.

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