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Living on the Isle of Dogs

According to the Sunday Times, Isle of Dogs is the ‘Best Place to Live in London’

Estate agents Isle Of Dogs

Although it was once cut off from the hustle and bustle of London, the Isle of Dogs is back on the map. And it’s back with a vengeance. Named ‘best place to live in London’ by the Sunday Times, the Isle of Dogs is attracting more and more new residents and investors. The consistent regeneration of the area starting with the 1980s, as well as the great housing stock and transport facilities are making the Isle of Dogs a top contender in the preferences of young London residents.

The industrial past of the Isle of Dogs, related to its docking and maritime history, is now overshadowed by its new energy as one of the main business districts in London. Its skyline is dominated by skyscrapers and the economic activity has shifted from industrial to major IT and financial services. Young professionals are also changing the scene on the Isle of Dogs, turning it into a haven of modern properties with a vast range of amenities.

The Isle of Dogs is an ideal place for house hunters looking for a modern, energetic, central location with loads of thriving business, job opportunities, great housing stock, and plenty of leisure activities. It is a mix of workweek buzz and weekend quiet, offering the best of both worlds.

About the Area – Isle of Dogs

Located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, the Isle of Dogs sits only 6 miles from Charing Cross. It is an 800-acre peninsula bordered on three sides by the River Thames. It is home to three districts: Poplar, Millwall, and Canary Wharf.

Largely unpopulated until it was made completely uninhabitable by a major flood in the 1400s, the Isle of Dogs was then drained to be converted to cornfields and pasture. Urbanisation didn’t start until about 200 years later. Its recent history is marked by the docking industry until the 1970s and the regeneration of the docklands starting with 1980.

The Isle of Dogs is now transformed into a modern and thriving financial district. Its landmarks are centred around the area of Canary Wharf. Some of the most renowned locations are One Canada Square, Pan Peninsula, South Quay Plaza, and the Landmark Pinnacle.

The Isle of Dogs is in full bloom and attracting even more investments in social, mixed, and residential developments. Its housing stock blends together old and new types of properties, with Victorian terrace houses and exclusive luxury apartments available for sale and rent. Apart from this, its location and transport connections are a big part of what makes the area attractive to property buyers and renters alike.

Estate agents Isle Of Dogs
Estate agents Isle Of Dogs


– Westferry
– Poplar
– Canary Wharf
– Heron Quays
– South Quay
– Crossharbour
– Mudchute
– Island Gardens

Underground – Jubilee Line
– Canary Wharf

Bus routes to:
– Hackney
– Old Street
– Stratford
– Mile End
– Dalston
– Canning Town

Bicycle paths:
– Thames Path National Trail
– National Cycle Network Route

Greenwich Foot Tunnel crossing from one side of the Thames to the other.

– London Airport – 10 minutes by car

Isle of Dogs – Know the Area

Known as being quieter on weekends, the Isle of Dogs is not a place where you will have a hard time finding fun activities.

The favourite attractions on the Isle of Dogs are:



Museum of London Docklands – a short walk from Canary Wharf, this museum focuses on the history of the East End with particular emphasis on the River Thames. It is hosted by a former warehouse used to store valuable shipments of sugar arriving from transatlantic crossings. It also features a large scale model of Old London Bridge.

O2 Arena – offers a lot of activities like bowling, climbs to the top, live concerts, tennis and NBA matches Cabot Square – one of the central squares in Canary Wharf. It features a fountain and works of art, as well as the offices of Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley and a large shopping centre

Canada Square – home of the three tallest buildings in the UK, including One Canada Square

Billingsgate Fish Market – the UK’s largest inland fish market

Montgomery Square – A fun place for outdoor activities, complete with street food markets and sporting events like volleyball tournaments to lawn bowls

Jubilee Park – A lush, green, open space with water features

Crossrail Place Roof Garden – exotic plants, hidden pathways, and amphitheater

Estate agents Isle Of Dogs


The Isle of Dogs has a great mix of residential properties like dockland workers cottages from the 1920s, Victorian terrace homes, estates of social housing, low-rise riverside homes built between 1980-1990, and thousands of new builds in luxury towers in Canary Wharf.


The Isle of Dogs has plenty of ample green spaces. The most famous one is Mudchute Park and Farm – a large urban park and nature reserve south of Canary Wharf. There are also other great parks like Millwall Park, Island Gardens, Sir John McDougall Gardens, and Jubilee Park.

Estate agents Isle Of Dogs
Estate agents Isle Of Dogs


The Isle of Dogs hosts about 40,000 residents and its population is expected to more than double over the next 10 years. The residents are mainly young professionals and local families of former docking workers.


There is no shortage of retail centres and shopping opportunities on the Isle of Dogs. Shopping here ranges from large retailers to local produce. Residents can choose from Canary Wharf Shopping Centre, Churchill Place Shopping Mall, Jubilee Place Retail, and Canada Place shopping mall.

Estate agents Isle Of Dogs

Isle of dogs Property Prices 

Isle of Dogs properties can fit any budget. You can find anything from social housing, cottages, terrace houses, and luxury high-rises. The rental market is very active as more and more young professionals are looking to be closer to the business centre. Buy-to-let investors are also very motivated by the active property scene and good potential for profit.

Here are the average property prices you can expect to find in the Isle of Dogs area:

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Average Weekly Rental Prices

  • 1 bedroom property
  • 2 bedroom property
  • 3 bedroom property:
  • 4 bedroom property
  • Studio
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Average Sale Prices

  • 1 bedroom property
  • 2 bedroom property
  • 3 bedroom property:
  • 4 bedroom property

New Developments on the Isle of Dogs

The area’s regeneration schemes have transformed the Isle of Dogs property market. It still features older types of homes, but the real attraction are the massive skyscrapers that are shaping the local landscape. Property prices are rapidly rising so securing a property now can guarantee a good investment. Here is a shortlist of new developments in the Isle of Dogs area:


  • South Quay Plaza – twin residential towers with a mix of homes and a large array of amenities and London’s highest bar sitting 56 storeys above ground. Prices start at £820,000 for studios; £920,000 for 1-bedroom flats; £1,255,000 for 2-bedroom flats and £1,635,000 million for 3-bedroom flats
  • One Park Drive – 468 apartments in a single harmonious building, with 58 storeys made up of three typologies, each with its own distinct characteristics
  • Dollar Bay – 115 studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with magnificent water views of the South Dock and River Thames
    The Landmark Pinnacle – 75-storey tower featuring 752 residential properties with two smaller buildings of 45 and 30 floors to be added in the future
  • EcoWorld Ballymore’s Wardian – two towers with a height of 50 and 55 storeys. Studio prices start at £623,000, 1-bedroom flats start at £726,000 and 2-bedroom flats start at £980,000
    Harbour Central – five buildings including a 42-storey tower in Mastmaker Road. 1-bedrooms start at £725,000, 2-bedroom at £1.1 million, and 3-bedrooms at £1.2 million.
  • The Madison in Meridian Place – a 53-storey block with studios from £589,000, 1-bedroom flats from £765,000, 2-bedroom flats from £973,000, 3-bedroom flats from £1,418,000, penthouses from £1,733,000

Schools in Isle of Dogs

There are good schools and educational facilities available for each age group on the Isle of Dogs. Here is a shortlist of the schools you can find in the area:

  • George Green’s School
  • Canary Wharf Primary School
  • Cubitt Town Junior School
  • Seven Mills Primary School
  • Canary Wharf College Glenworth
  • Barkantine Community Nursery
  • Crossharbour Montessori
  • Isle of Dogs Children’s Centre (Millwall Park)
  • Rush Green Primary School  
  • All Saints Catholic School & Technology College  
  • Harbinger Primary School
  • Arnhem Wharf Primary School
  • St Luke’s C of E Primary School
  • Riverhouse Montessori School
  • Saint Edmund’s Roman Catholic Primary School
  • Headstart Day Nursery
  • Canary Wharf College Crossharbour
  • Greatfields School  
  • Furze Infant School  


Good medical facilities are important to residents. The Isle of Dogs has well-ranked hospitals and medical care centres to offer. Here is a shortlist of medical care facilities you can find in the area:

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  • Nuffield Health Wharf Medical Centre
  • South Quay Plaza, 185 Marsh Wall, London E149SH
  • +443001231434
Estate agents Isle Of Dogs
Estate agents Isle Of Dogs
  • BMI The London Independent Hospital
  • 1 Beaumont Square, Stepney Green, London E14NL

  • +442077802400
Estate agents Isle Of Dogs
Estate agents Isle Of Dogs
Estate agents Isle Of Dogs

Where Does the Isle of Dogs Name Come From?

First of all, the Isle of Dogs is not even an island. It is a peninsula.

Second of all, there are so many theories about its name that it’s difficult to figure out which one may be true. What is known is that the first use of the name ‘Isle of Dogs’ dates back to 1520. Then, in 1660, Samuel Pepys described it as the “unlucky Isle of Dogs”.

One theory is that it was actually the Isle of Ducks seeing how it used to be marshland and probably home to many ducks. Another is that it was the Isle of Docks, as it was set in the heart of the Docklands. Isle of Dykes (which means embankment) or the Isle of Dutch (after Dutch engineers) are also some of the intial name versions circulating about the name of this Thames peninsula.

One of the most unusual theories states that the Isle of Dogs got its name because the King kept his hunting dogs kennelled in the area.

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

Why the Isle of Dogs is so Appreciated

The Isle of Dogs is a popular destination for young professionals. They long to be part of this ever-growing business district and part of its development into a world-famous financial centre. Its tall-rise office buildings hosting the most prominent IT and financial institutions are good neighbours.

Leisure-wise, the Isle of Dogs offers something for everyone. From quiet riverside cafes and restaurants to pubs and a few clubs, everyone can enjoy a night out here. There are many places offering amazing views and fine dining. There are also opportunities to learn some history such as at the Museum of London Docklands. On top of that, fresh fish enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity to Billingsgate Market.

And let’s not forget the proximity to the city centre and the great transport links. The Isle of Dogs has 8 DLR stations, an Underground station, and it sits on the route of the new Crossrail.

Photo by Leon on Unsplash

Isle of Dogs Best Areas

Out of all the Isle of Dogs areas, the Poplar district is home to a larger number of Victorian terrace houses.

Canary Wharf is known as the jewel in the Isle of Dogs crown, boasting modern high-rise buildings with luxury amenities and penthouse apartments.

More modern riverside developments are found in the area of Blackwall, at more affordable prices than in neighbouring Canary Wharf.

The Limehouse has the most Georgian and Victorian period homes eras, along with more modern apartment buildings and old warehouse conversions.

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

What Isle of Dogs Locals Think of the Area

Older residents of the Isle of Dogs are proud of their Docklands heritage. Some of them dream of when the area was a quiet marshland. In fact, the Isle of Dogs still holds proof of its past hosting a mix of low-rise homes alongside the high-rise, modern buildings.

They recommend the area for its great transport links and its quiet setting close to the heart of the city. The Isle of Dogs has a low crime rate and is a safe place to live. The community is close and involved in local development projects.

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

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