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Enjoy an extensive selection of properties with the international RE/MAX network

Enjoy an extensive
selection of properties
with the international
RE/MAX network

RE/MAX agents find homes that match your life with your style. Life + Style That's the sign of a RE/MAX agent ® Book A Free Valuation

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Benefit from,
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Buyer Faq’S

Before buying a property you are bound to have some doubts. As such, we will look at common questions buyers have at the time they plan to buy a property. So, let us delve into the details.

The answer to this question will primarily depend upon your income as well as the amount of deposit you are making. However, the best thing to do will be to consult a mortgage advisor.
Additionally, you should acquire an agreement in principle from lending company before starting the
viewing process so that it helps in speeding up the process.

It will be necessary to get in touch with the estate agent, who in turn, will take the offer to seller.
Apart from pricing you are offering, your ability to purchase the property will be taken into consideration. After that, negotiations will start or the offer will be rejected or accepted.

If you already have the agreement in principle from the lending company, then it will be the right time to get in touch with them so that formal submission of the application for mortgage can be started. At this time, you will also have to inform your solicitor so that conveyancing process can be started.

Not exactly, either party has the right to pull out without any penalty till the time contract is exchanged.

Yes, you will have to appoint a solicitor. It will be the responsibility of the solicitor to act on your behalf during purchase of the property. Solicitor will also be liasing with seller’s solicitor to make sure everything works out as planned and without any glitches.

To provide you will a general idea, the whole process takes about 12 weeks to finish. However, there are different factors which can extend this time period beyond 12 weeks.
One aspect which can delay the process is the presence of a chain. A chain gets created when buyer has to sell his or her property to fund the new purchase.
If there are multiple parties involved in a chain then it can extend the time it takes to complete the process of buying the property.

Few of the common expenditures you will have to bear would include:

  • Solicitor’s fees, which can vary and you should get a few quotes to find a solicitor with the
    lowest fees. When you get the quote, it will be necessary to check what all will be included in
    the price.
  •  Mortage cost will usually consist of arrangement fee as per amount being borrowed and there
    will be a valuation fees as well.
  • Stamp duty is another expenditure you will have to bear and is to be incurred when the
    property being sold is over £125,000.

During exchange of contracts, both you and the seller will be signing identical contracts and then
those will be exchanged by the solicitors.
At this time, you will have to pay the deposit amount, which is normally 10% of the total buying price
and this amount will be held by the solicitor. After the deposit amount has been paid, the sale will
become legally binding.
This exchange of contract will only take place after solicitors reach an agreement that all the details
are in order.

The total purchase amount, the deposit you made and the mortage amount will be transferred to other parties solicitor and with it, the purchase will complete. You are now the owner of the property!

After the sale is completed, the keys will be released. Your agent will provide information about when the keys can be collected from your local Remax Star office.

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