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Posted by admin on September 29, 2021

The Best Areas in London for Students

Discover London’s student hotspots

For students, the area they choose to live in has to feel lively and dynamic. Just like they are. London offers many options of young, hip, cool areas close to colleges and universities that host large student populations thanks to offering what they long for most – proximity and convenience with a bonus of fun.  

In this post, our estate agents have prepared a shortlist of the best areas in London for students.  

Proximity to college and university campuses is definitely a top priority for students looking for a London area to call home during their studies. Walkability, access to the rest of the city, convenience, and affordable prices will also be on their priority list. So will the area’s crime rate and housing standards.  

Although some compromises will be made, housing options in London for students are widely available and young scholars will not be disappointed with the rental choices the market offers.  

Estate Agents Stratford


East End’s Stratford has benefitted widely from the Olympic regeneration schemes carried out in the area for the 2012 Olympic Games. They brought with them new energy, more jobs, and economic growth opportunities. There is also no shortage of shopping malls – Westfield Stratford City being the most notorious, as well as bars, pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Stratford is popular for young families and young professionals who appreciate its vicinity to Canary Wharf (4.1 miles) and the City Centre (5.1 miles).

Students are drawn to Stratford because its public transport links can take you to any central university in London in mere minutes and for its proximity to the University of East London campus. And with its access to the Crossrail and connections to Euro Star trains, you’ll have a hard time beating Stratford’s location.

It offers great transport links to the rest of the city and the City Centre available through the London Underground, the London Overground, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and the National Rail. 

Stratford is also home to the University Square – a major university campus developed in partnership by Birkbeck, University of London and the University of East London. It is located in the centre of Stratford, only a 5-minute walk from Stratford station. 

Stratford offers residents transport links on:  

  • the London Underground 
  • the London Overground 
  • the Docklands Light Railway (DLR)  
  • the National Rail  

The property scene is dominated by flats and less single-family homes. There are many period homes and also many modern new-builds to choose from. Students tend to prefer to move into new-builds since they like properties with more contemporary amenities. 

Rental prices in Stratford start at £900/month for studios/1-bedroom properties and average £2,201/month for 4-bedroom properties.  

Estate Agents Stratford

Canning Town

Canning Town is an up-and-coming neighbourhood in East London that offers close to unbeatable rental and purchase prices. The only thing that can top of its amazing property prices is its location. Offering a short commute to the City (5.7 miles) and Canary Wharf (2.7 miles), Canning Town is popular for young families and professionals.

Offering a 20-minute commute to any London university and a short drive to London airport has also made it very popular for students. The area is set to undergo major beneficial transformations, with the help of regeneration plans and investments of over £3.7 billion.

Students choosing to live in Canning Town will appreciate its wide array of fast-food and take-outs offering international cuisine, as well as its variety of local shops. The most notable advantage Canning Town offers is its proximity to the University of East London’s campus, which is only 3 miles away.


Canning Town Remax

Great transport links will get you from Chigwell to London’s City Centre in no time. Chigwell is only 12 miles northeast from Charing Cross. Regular bus services service the area well. There are also two Underground stations running on the Central Line – Chigwell station and Grange Hill station.  

Canning Town offers residents transport links on:  

  • the London Underground Jubilee Line 
  • the DLR 
  • numerous bus routes  
  • the C2C rail  

Most properties in Canning Town are modern apartment buildings or single-family homes converted into flats.  

Rental prices in Canning Town start at £800/month for studios/1-bedroom properties and average £1,798/month for 4-bedroom properties. 


The neighbourhood of Dagenham in East London was also transformed by the 2012 Olympic Games regeneration schemes. It’s very well located, just 11.5 miles from Charing Cross and 5.4 miles from the University of East London campus.  

Former industrial sites are being transformed into a new science, technology, and residential centre. Many developments are either finalized or undergoing so it won’t take long for Dagenham to earn a top spot in London’s list of best areas to live. 

With a young population and a thriving community taking advantage of all the new opportunities, Dagenham is incredibly accessible and offers great housing options. It has its own science park and attracts many tech start-up businesses. It still has very affordable prices, as its redevelopment is not complete, so students can find good living standards at lower prices than other London areas.  

Dagenham offers residents transport links on:  

  • the Underground District Line  
  • the C2C rail 
  • TFL  
  • very convenient bus routes 

Rental prices in Dagenham start at £800/month for studios/1-bedroom properties and an average of £2,200/month for 4-bedroom properties. 

Seven Kings

Once part of Essex, the Seven Kings district in Ilford, London, is part of the borough of Redbridge. It is a dynamic area in North East London located just 15 minutes away from Central London and 5.5 miles from the University of East London campus. Although it’s already well connected, the area’s new link to the Crossrail is set to make commute times even shorter.  

Seven Kings is a vibrant, multi-cultural community that offers residents many shopping, leisure, and entertainment opportunities. The area of Ilford is actually known as one of the largest retail centres in London and has many green areas and parks, so students will find plenty of places to spend their allowances and have some outdoor fun.

Seven Kings offers residents transport links on:  

  • TFL on the Great Eastern Main Line railway  
  • the Underground Central Line 
Estate Agents Seven Kings

The Seven Kings housing stock is made up of 1930s bay-fronted homes with back gardens, Edwardian and Victorian double-fronted homes, as well as modern new-builds. 

Rental prices in Seven Kings start at £800/month for studios/1-bedroom properties and average £1,500/month for 2-bedroom properties. 

Estate agents East Ham

East Ham

East Ham is located in the Newham Borough of London, just 8 miles from Charing Cross and 2 miles from the University of East London campus. It is a dynamic, multi-cultural area with affordable housing and amazing transport links. Its population is made up of young families and young professionals.  

East Ham has great parks, good schools, and many shops, bars, and restaurants.  

East Ham offers residents transport links on:  

  • the DLR  
  • the Tube District Line and Hammersmith & City Line 
  • the Central Line, Jubilee, and National Rail only 15 minutes by bus 

East Ham properties are mostly Victorian and Edwardian terraced town-houses, but the area also has some new developments for students looking for more modern living standards.  

Rental prices in East Ham start at £1,250/month for studios/1-bedroom properties and average £2,900/month for 6-bedroom properties. 

West Ham

Sitting north of the River Thames and east of the River Lea, West Ham was included in Greater London in 1965. It is part of the Newham Borough in East London.  

West Ham is a very popular area for young families and students. It offers great transport links and short commute times on the London Underground, the London Overground, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), and also the National Rail.  

West Ham is very culturally diverse and has a tight-knit community that will make students feel at home. Its multi-cultural feel also translates into many interesting restaurants and bars offering international cuisine and diverse culinary experiences.  

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park offers residents many opportunities for outdoor and sports-related activities. 

 West Ham offers residents transport links on:  

  • the London Underground 
  • the London Overground 
  • the Docklands Light Railway (DLR)  
  • the National Rail  

Rental prices in West Ham start at £1,050/month for studios/1-bedroom properties and average £2,300/month for 5-bedroom properties. 

Estate Agents West Ham

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